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Travel to Vietnam – the jewel of Asia – and take part in a cultural exchange that will leave you forever in love with Vietnam and it’s inspiring people, exotic food and stunning scenery.

Our project is to help kids and teenagers have more change to practising English with a small fee. We help kids in a kindergarten can practise 4 times per month instead of 1 time per month and their parents do not have to pay more money. We are looking for 2-4 volunteers to come and help us, as well as enjoy Vietnamese culture and country.

Others leant at house with small fees and they are develop day by day with help from foreigners volunteers. These students are almost in general family (not rich) so that they could not have much money to go English classes at Center. We will help them by carry out clubs so that they have change to practise/learn English for better change in their future.

You do not need to know everything because we have lesson plan for activities. You can have some suggestion that suitable for you and helpful for kids. You sometimes can share your idea in Environmental living  and guiding students with Science projects. We often organize Workshops/field trip, in which you can join with children and students to decorate and take part in fun activities.

We invite you to volunteer with us. You will help us to teach English to children and help them to discover eco farm or conservation practices.

You will have room with comfortable accomdomodation, food (3 meals) for free. you also have change to discover around Hanoi with old square, night market, Bat Trang ceramic village, etc. If you could stay for more than 1 month, we could arrange for you a tour 2 days to Sapa or somewhere else if we could arrange.


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