We'll help you uncover the right job for you, and assist you every step of the way on your next great adventure. Go ahead, stay awhile; and discover all that a job teaching in Asia has to offer.

Here at Aclipse, we believe that teaching English overseas is the best way for college graduates to gain an international perspective in today's increasingly globalized world. Aclipse recruiters have spent time teaching English in Asia, so we can speak to our candidates with first-hand knowledge.

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Misty Crooks Recruiter

"Teaching overseas was the best thing I have ever done. After I received my Bachelor's degree, I had a job that wasn’t fulfilling. I wanted something more, but wasn’t sure what that was. I didn’t know anything about teaching in Asia. I spent four years in Japan. I traveled all over and I also fell in love with teaching. I learned how to work with different learning styles, how to overcome barriers to understanding, and how to put together activities that I enjoyed as much as my students. I haven’t had to look for a job in seven years. The contacts I made teaching in Asia have led to two other jobs. Now, as a recruiter, I help other people experience what I loved so much."

Sean Daley Campus Outreach Coordinator & Recruiter

"When I first began my career as an English teacher, I did so simply as a means to pay for my passion for travel. But once I began training for my TEFL certification, I discovered, to my surprise, that I also had a passion for teaching. Since then I have gone on to teach English to fascinating students in Africa and Asia, as well as diverse international students here in Boston. I also hold an international MBA from The Thunderbird School of Global Management and have over four years of recruiting experience. After over a decade of travel and adventure thanks to a career in ESL, I am now more focused on staying put with my wife and daughter and large extended family. So it is a huge pleasure to come to work every day in my native Boston and assist others as they set out toward this incredible career choice."

Colleen Hartley Recruiter

"When I was coming to the end of my undergraduate education, I knew that I wanted to travel. Teaching is a great way to learn about different countries, share cultures, meet new people and explore new places. I found my first teaching position in Surat Thani, Thailand. I met a lot of new people from all over the world and learned so much about Thai culture. When I returned home from Thailand, I found that I had the urge to travel again-this time to South Korea. My co-workers in Korea helped me learn about and understand their culture. I made life-long friendships, tried foods that I didn't even know existed and explored sites that I'd never imagine I would see outside of a history book. Every day was an adventure. When I returned from traveling, I found my job here at Aclipse. I am very fortunate to be able to help people embark on the very opportunities that I have experienced."

Zach Lahey Recruiter

"Having the opportunity to teach English while studying abroad in Asia was one of the most rewarding and satisfying experiences of my life. For six months I was immersed in the rich culture of southern India, studying the local language of Tamil while providing the students of a local institution insight into American colloquialisms and our everyday language. Without any previous training in teaching English, I approached my unique situation with enthusiasm and dedication. In the end, both the students and I benefited greatly from our shared presence and efforts. As a recruiter for Aclipse, I continuously provide hundreds of people with the amazing opportunity to travel and teach in Asia, all the while creating new and dynamic relationships!"

Rebecca McNeil Marketing Manager

"After graduating college with an English degree, I wanted to combine teaching with gaining experience overseas and learning about a different culture. Going to China gave me the perfect opportunity for both! Living in Shenzhen, China for a year and Hong Kong for 6 months, teaching English, opened my eyes to a new and exciting culture, introducing me to new food, art, fashion-a whole different culture. Most importantly, teaching in Asia gave me a greater sense of confidence in myself. I will never forget my elementary school students! In addition to being super cute and enthusiastic, they really challenged me and made me a better teacher and a better (more patient) person. That's why I feel lucky to be a Recruiter for Aclipse. Now, through Aclipse, I help others have an amazing adventure teaching English in Asia!"

Nicole Ostrowski Recruiter

"I caught the travel bug after studying abroad in London, England during my university eduction. I’ve been traveling the world ever since. I fell in love with Japan after a vacation there, so I accepted a teaching position in Nagoya. Within a year, I was promoted to Assistant Trainer and, at the end of two years, I was promoted to recruiter in the San Francisco office. I truly believe that an overseas work experience leaves an indelible impression that will always stay with you. I love reminiscing about my two years living abroad in Japan with candidates and after eight years of ESL recruiting, I still enjoy being able to hire and place qualified candidates to teach English throughout Asia."

Don Smith Recruiting Manager

"When I lived in New York state, teaching by day and working in restaurants by night, I longed for travel and adventure. I discovered an opportunity to teach overseas in Japan, so without speaking a word of Japanese, I landed in Japan with the intention of staying for two years and returning to the United States for grad school. I learned a significant amount of Japanese, ate a multitude of creatures I hadn’t realized were edible, traveled to numerous exotic parts of the globe, met countless new friends from all over the world, and earned regular promotions at my school. Two years swiftly turned into eight. Since returning to the U.S., I have been working as a recruiter, sending people off to embark on the same type of life-enriching adventure that so impacted my life. Over the years, I have sent over four hundred people across the world to reap the rewards of living and working abroad."