Take a look at a general summer camp daily schedule and get ready for the summer of a lifetime.


Normal Daily Routine


7.30-7:45am - Wake Up

Alarms are usually set around 7:30 depending on how early you want to wake up. Be prepared foor early starts as days are action packed.


7.55am - Flag Raising

Walk to see the US flag raising ceremony.


8.00am - Breakfast

Lead your cabin to the dining hall for breakfast which usually runs for approx 30 minutes. There will usually be some announcements for any news or special events during the day.


8:30am - Day Preparation 

Head back to cabins to tidy cabins, clean beds, shelves, and take recycling and rubbish out.


9.30am - 1st activity

During the day there are different activities available where staff can instruct sports and lessons whilst campers can choose what they would like to do. Sometimes morning or afternoon activities are for you to join with your cabin or group allowing campers and counsellors to participate together. Or they can be individual where campers can choose an activity like soccer, arts and crafts, swimming, tennis, or sailing. 


10.30am - 2nd activity


12.00pm Lunch

Everyone meets in the dining hall for lunch. Expect a selection of food and lots of songs. Expect food to be different every day, usually there is a mix of fried and fresh food including pasta, hamburgers, soups and deserts. There are usually lots of options for all interests and dietary needs. 


13.00pm Rest hour 

After lunch usually all staff and campers head back to cabins to relax. You could listen to music, write letters, play cards/games, have a sleep or just prepare for the afternoon activities.


14.30 - 3rd activity

First afternoon activity.


15.30 - 4th activity

Second afternoon activity.


16.30 Free time

Take some time to relax before dinner.


17.00 Flag lowering 

Some camps have a flat lowering ceremony followed by special events.


5:15 Dinner

Gather with your cabin and eat dinner. Expect lots of noise, songs and food!


18:00 Free Time

Chat with friends, hang out, go on the internet, watch tv, the choice is yours. Take some time to just relax before the evening schedule.


19:00 Evening activity

Usually you will have an evening activity for example, a camp dance, a sporting event or just a social event. This is a great chance to unwind from the day and catch up with friends.


21.00 Start getting read for bed

Head back to your village or cabin and start getting ready for bed.


20.30 Lights Out

Some camps have an evening lights out policy which can be earlier than you are used to in 'normal' life. Believe us though, you will be exhausted after the days events.


Please note every camp is different and all schedules are different and subject to change. If the idea of working at a USA summer camp appeals to you search seasonal-jobs-working-holidays in the USA today.


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