A new report has compiled a list of the of most friendliest countries in the world to visit in the world and there are some really interesting inclusions.

This latest report has been put together from the World Economic Forum which discussed 140 countries and gave them a score on the following areas:

  • Attractiveness
  • Friendliness
  • Competitiveness

If you are considering visiting any of the destinations we have also added some links to activities where you can experience the culture and be more than just your average tourist.

The final scores gave the following worldwide tourism destinations the top rankings:


1. Iceland

Iceland is very popular destinations and its easy to see why they were voted at the top of this list, millions of tourists visit these destinations all year round where you can enjoy an outdoors lifestyle and experience the friendly nature of the locals. There are so many things to do like seeing the Northern Lights. 


2. New Zealand

There is a great quality of life in both countries which might make the locals happier and more friendly towards outsiders. Exploring the South Island of New Zealand is simply spectacular.


3. Morocco

Possibly not a country you would think would make the top 10, but Morocco has a booming tourism industry and you will find locals to be very open to outsiders.


4. Macedonia

Local people really help make the experience of visiting Macedonia easier and more enjoyable. This country might be top of the places you are likely to want to visit but believe us, this country offers a unique less touristy experience than other countries in Europe.


5. Austria

One of the most peaceful countries to live in the whole of Europe with a relaxed culture and lots of summer and winter activities.


6. Senegal

Anyone who has been to Senegal will know the warm smiles from the locals live long in the memory which make this country in the middle of the top 10 friendliest nations in the world. 


7. Portugal

With a warm climate, outdoors lifestyle and incredible places to visit you will love visiting Portugal. Millions of people take holidays here every year to enjoy the country, weather, food and warmth of the local people. 


8. Bosnia and Herzegovina

A surprising inclusion is Bosnia which is an up and coming travel destination for travellers wanting to get off the main European tourist trail.


9. Ireland

Irish people are world renouned for being happy, good fun and enjoying a party. Ireland is famous for its great culture, lively nightlife and open arms nature of local people which make places like Dublin a great destination to visit. 


10 Burkina Faso

When you visit Burkina Faso even if you can't speak the local language a smile goes a long way, if you smile and are friendly to local people they will usually be friendly back. 


The world can be an amazing place to experience and if you are lucky enough to be able to afford to travel being open to new cultures will really enhance your holiday or tour. If you would like to add your recommendations for the worlds most friendly nations and destinations you have been to please get in touch we would love to hear from you.