The study was based on the 50 most visited global travel destinations and shows countries ranked on their level of danger using criteria like discrimination and things like how safe countries are for women walking alone at night.

Each country is given a "Danger Grade" for each of the eight considerations and then ranked overall.

The criteria the study was based on include:

  • Attitudes
  • Violence rates against women
  • Intimate partner violence
  • Gender inequality
  • Legal discrimination
  • Homicide rates of women
  • Safe to walk alone at night?
  • Global gender gap


Top 10 Dangerous Countries for Female Travellers

These were noted as the most hazardous places to travel for female tourists:

1. South Africa
2. Brazil
3. Russia
4. Mexico
5. Iran
6. Dominican Republic
7. Egypt
8. Morocco
9. India
10. Thailand


Top 10 Safest Countries for Female Travellers

These are the most safe countries for a woman to travel in the world:

1. Spain
2. Singapore
3. Ireland
4. Austria
5. Switzerland
6. Norway
7. Portugal
8. Croatia
9. Canada
10. Poland


The top five most dangerous countries for women to travel are all in different continents. The ranking shows that South Africa is, by far and away, the most dangerous place for a woman to travel alone.

Whilst the list of safest destinations are places you would expect and are well known to be friendly destinations with low crime with Spain topping the list.

If you are a female traveller worried about going solo or concerned about safety, we recommend booking a tour where you will get to travel with others and get an experienced guide. Of if independent is your route, check out some of the best safety tips for solo female travellers which should help. 


Do you agree / disagree with the list? Or do you have any experiences of travelling in the countries listed? Let us know in the comments section below.