With miles of seemingly endless ivory sand, littered with the largest variety of shells washed up by the tide, and some of the best bathing beaches - it’s a special but often unheard of place to visit in South Africa.

Jeffreys bay, or J-bay as it is affectionately known, is sandwiched between the scenic garden route and sunshine coast – so called as this region has more sunshine hours than any other.

Jeffrey's Bay is perfect for the ordinary, unhurried, unworried, sun-seeking, fun loving person and to top it all Jay Bay offers the perfect wave.

If you are looking to volunteer in South Africa here are our top choices to choose a project in J-bay...


1. So Many Adventure Sports

Jeffreys Bay is one of the top 5 places to go surfing in the world and well known for the Billabong Surfing Pro.

If you have always wanted to learn to surf on the perfect waves why not combine this with working with disadvantaged children in the Jeffreys Bay area.

Every week there are surf lessons for disadvantaged youngsters from the community. Volunteers are welcome to join the older children after school for rugby, soccer, netbal, hockey or cricket practise. So in your spare time you can learn to surf.


2. Help the Poorest People in the Country

Jeffreys Bay is located in the Eastern Cape which is the poorest province in South Africa. There really is a large need the help of volunteers both local and international.

You can take the opportunity to work with disadvantaged people in the Jeffreys Bay area helping people and children in local townships and communities. 


3. Safety

Crime is one of the biggest worries for anyone visiting South Africa but Jeffreys Bay is one of the safest towns in South Africa. This means you can explore, volunteer and enjoy your new surroundings with peace of mind.


4. Affordability

Jeffreys Bay is one of the most affordable destinations to visit in South Africa especially compared to going to volunteer in Cape Town or Johannesburg. Accommodation, restaurants and activities are good value.


5. Plenty of Places to Stay

There are purpose built lodges in Jeffreys Bay close to the main beach in the centre of town, no need for transport to go out or to get to  projects. If you apply with a 


6. Choice of Organizations

If you have already been researching volunteer opportunities in Africa you will have noticed there is a lot of choice.

In Jeffreys Bay this is no different, there are lots of different companies offering opportunities to international volunteers and you are guaranteed to be looked after, have a good time and be safe.

Some companies also offer combo experiences to international participants where you can contribute to good causes and also book sightseeing packages.


7. Amazing Projects

There are lots of worthwhile projects in Jeffreys Bay which are generally local, personal and non commercial.

Some local organizations support several schools so you could spend time helping educational projects. There are also centres which are a place of refuge for the most vulnerable children who have been rejected by even their own families.

You can help these children feel a sense of love and belonging. There are also sports coaching, teaching, building and the chance to volunteer with animals.


8. Options for Everyone

Volunteer organizations in Jeffreys Bay cater for people of all ages. So whether you are a solo traveller, planning a meaningful gap year in South Africa or want to do something rewarding with your family you will be able to find optionsto match your interests.


9. Beautiful Beaches

In Jeffreys Bay there are so many beautiful white sandy beaches and also endless summers with warm weather year round!


10. Time to Explore

Jeffreys Bay is situated on the famous Garden Route and there are a lot of stunning places to see in the surrounding areas.

For something more adventurous you could book a safari in Africa to see the BIG 7 animals! There are lots of South Africa overland tours which can last a few days to a few weeks. These offer a unique and affordable way to experience the thrill of seeing National Parks or stunning the coastal regions.

You will get a professionally driver and guided by an experienced African tour leader and you can choose from lots of itineraries packed full of unique African experiences and exciting discoveries. Game driving, ski-boat cruises, beer tasting, caving, zip lining, bungi jumping, hot springs, horse riding, river canoeing, sea-kayaking, the list goes on... and on.


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