This is her experience of how she got there and why you should also consider a similar experience!


1. More Than Just Your Home Country:

Growing up there was a constant talk about travelling to places like Indonesia or Thailand.

Don’t get me wrong who doesn’t love tanning it up on some sunny Island but I knew that the world had so much more to offer. After I left school I knew that I wanted to travel but not only did I not know where I wanted to go, I didn’t have the money either. 

I did A LOT of research and found out that Canada was just the right amount of amazing. It was perfect. English speaking (mainly), great weather, beautiful sights and so much more.

I knew this is where I wanted to go. And now I’m sitting at home in Canada looking out my window to see a winter wonderland. 


2. If Not Now, When? 

Why you should do a working holiday

After school there is a social stigmatism about going straight to University/College after finishing school. It was imprinted in our minds ever since we began schooling. I knew that’s not what I wanted to do, there is always time in the future to go study. 

In most countries there is an age limit to a Working Holliday. For example, Canada has an age limit – you must be over 18 and under 30 years old so there was no time better than the present. Now I’m almost 20 working overseas seeing as much as the world has to offer. 


3. Travel in a Group, Its More Fun!

When planning this trip I went to my family and told them of this massive step. They were just one big ball of worry.

Travelling on your own is a massive risk – you are more likely to targeted for theft or anything a like. So my housemates and I came up with the idea to travel together.

This decision was a massive influence on my choice to go on a Working Holiday – I have moved half way across the globe with my best friend/ sister, my brother in Law and my partner and well need I say more… 


4. Don’t We All Wish Money Grew On Trees?

Why do a Canada working holiday

Now this was the only reason I chose to do a WORKING holiday instead of just a super long holiday. Whilst traveling I have seasonal jobs, moving from one place to another according to the season.

I like to describe it as I work for two seasons of the year, winter and summer and anything in between is just travelling and absorbing this great country like a sponge. 

If you are planning on moving over here and doing a working holiday be prepared to work on minimum wage. Now don’t jump out of your seat just yet, it’s not that hard to do, it just takes a lot of planning.

Doing the seasonal jobs helps to save for the in between seasons when I’m not working – helps me to pay for the extra fun stuff. 


5. Because Why on Earth Not? 

Reasons to do a working holiday

I needed a change, something to strive for – something to just flip my whole world around.

To go on a working holiday, no matter what age, will completely change your life. The people I have met here will always be my friends and now I can turn to any corner of the globe and know I have place to stay and a couch to crash upon.

The real truth is that to do a working holiday you don’t need any other reason than ‘just because I want to’. 

So those are my reasons on why I chose to do what I am doing.  Now what’s your excuse? 

If you want to see some of my adventures, check out my Instragram. 


By Katie Hall


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