Best Places to Avoid the Tourist Crowds in Australia

Best Places to Avoid the Tourist Crowds in Australia

If you want an authentic break to Australia and don't just want to be surrounding by internationals we have put together a life of locations and places you might want to check out. The places we have listed are not totally deserted, this is pretty difficult due to the popularity and amount of people who visit Australia every year. But you will be away from the hot spots like Cairns, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.


1. The Outback

Joining a camping trip to Ayers Rock, its a long way in the middle of nowhere but this is one of the best trips in the world. Not much compares to camping out under the night sky which is spectacular. Visiting Middletown in the Outback is also quite an experience, this is one of the most remote places with only a couple of residents.


2. Western Australia

Visiting the relaxing Margaret River Area of WA is a special experience, this is a very remote and rural area where not many tourist venture. You will need to travel South of Perth around 5 hours (depending how many stop offs you make)


3. Fraser Island

Exploring Fraser Island on 4x4 adventure tour is an incredible experience, although very popular this island has over 85 km of beaches and is huge so you can enjoy a relaxing camping break away from the mainland life.


4. Get Creative

Taking part in an Aboriginal Art Workshop is a great way to learn about the ancient Aboriginal culture and history of Australia. Its a shame but many people tend to overlook this experience.


5. Tazmania

Tasmania has some of the cleanest air in the world and you can visit the spectacular Bay of Fires which has some of the best beaches in the world - this island is quite remote and most people on gap years in Australia or short holidays don't have time to visit.


6. Adelaide

This city is a lot less touristy than Melbourne and Sydney and there are lots of non-touristy activites you can participate on like climbing Mount Lofty


Give Back

You might want to apply to volunteer in Australia and work alongside local people helping both communities and animals. There are placements throughout the country - this is a unique experience where you will definately get a local experience working alongside Australians and learning more about them and their country.