It’s a wondrous area with natural landscapes and perfect for travelers looking to get a taste of the great outdoors.

If you’ve got some time to spare and are suffering from wanderlust, consider spending a few days, weeks or even months traveling across the the Aussie Outback.

This region will leave a lasting impression, from the scenery, world famous sights and also remoteness - it really is like a different world. 

Whether you are planning to work in Australia, spend a gap year in Australia or just want to visit and discover the highlights, you have to see Ayers Rock.



It might initially sound absurd to buy or rent a car for your travels, but think about it. When you consider the cost of public transport over the course of months - planes, trains, buses, taxis - it can really add up.

And while public transport is good for many reasons, it doesn’t always take you right where you want to go, especially with as much open space as there is in Australia especially in the middle of the country. You don’t want to be forced to miss out on an adventure because you can’t get there.

We highly recommend renting a campervan when travelling the Outback, this gives you the freedom and flexibility to explore at your own pace, Another option is to go on an organised experience, there are lots of tours in Australia which take you to the best locations in the Outback.


Choose the Right Transport

If you’re spending at least a few weeks driving around, you’ll want to choose a car/campervan that will be good off-road, one that holds up well in tough conditions. 

A smart choice might be the Suzuki Grand Vitara, a compact SUV that is reasonably priced and handles well in all sorts of terrain, so you can get to the furthest reaches of the desert or mountains.

You also want to make sure your car is reliable so that you don’t get stranded and cause delays on your journey. The Suzuki Grand Vitara is spacious enough that you could even fold down the rear seat and sleep in the back on occasion, saving some money in hostel costs.  

If you’ve got bicycles in tow, having your own car means you can secure them to the roof rack rather than having to fuss carrying them on public transportation. Kayak paddles, hiking boots, and camping supplies can all fit in the cargo area for no-fuss travel.


Things to Think About Before Departing

These are some important things to consider:

  • Check out this guide for what to pack for the Aussie outback
  • Be sure to inform other people where you are going and take supplies incase of any emergencies
  • Read up on the weather before departing and know what season it is, this can determine what to take
  • Be social and try to chat with others when on the road
  • Buy travel insurance


Plan a Self-drive Trip to the Aussie Outback

Ayers Rock, Aussie Outback

At the end of your travels through the Outback, you will have hopefully loved the experience. This really is one of the best places to drive in Australia.

Having your own transport will give you the freedom of the road and be your key to visiting everywhere on your must-see list. It’s one of the best ways to experience the Outback.