Top 10 Christmas Volunteer Programs Abroad

Top 10 Christmas Volunteer Programs Abroad

Would you like to do something different this Christmas? Travel abroad and apply to join volunteer projects overseas! This is a great way at such a special time of the year to really do something amazing and help otehr communities and programs in other countries. We have so many inspiration Christmas volunteer opportunities in locations all around the world...

Here is a list of our top 10 Christmas volunteer destinations you should think about traveling to:


1. Volunteer with Elephants

Our top recommendation is to book a flight to volunteer in Thailand - this country has it all not to mention hundreds of volunteer opportunities. We highly recommend going to work with elephants - not many things compare!


2. Experience the Maldives

Did you know you can volunteer in the Maldives?! Seriously! We have a selection of meaningful holidays where you can do more than just sunbathing. Escape the tourist resorts and apply today.


3. Help Sea Turtles in Sri Lanka

If you would like to contribute to conservation projects then consider going to volunteer in Sri Lanka helping turtles.


4. Community Projects in Brazil

Brazil is spectacular - experience it for yourself! Our top recommendation is to volunteer in Rio de Janeiro helping disadvantaged communities. You could also book a short Portuguese language course in Brazil to combine experiences.


5. Experience the Rainbow Nation

There are incredible volunteer programs in South Africa where you can help communities, coach sports or help sharks, dolphins and whales.


6. Give Back in India 

Looking for a life changing experience? Apply to volunteer in India helping poor communities in slums.


7. Aussie Aussie Aussie

Spend Christmas on the beach and then experience NYE in Sydney. By choosing to volunteer in Australia you could help conservation volunteer programs and then enjoy world famous tourist sights in your spare time.


8. Help Homesless People in the UK

There are so many organisations like Crisis who help homeless people at Christmas time & you can apply to join. This is a way to spend a special Christmas giving back. Search voluntary work in the UK for more information.


9. Spend Christmas in Zanzibar

Looking for an exotic Africa volunteer destination? Located off the coast of Tanzania lies beautiful Zanzibar with some of the best white sandy beaches in the world. Volunteering in Zanzibar will be the most amazing experience of your life.


10. Explore the Galapagos 

Plan a unique break to volunteer in the Galapagos and spend Christmas in one of the most spectacular places in the world. You can volunteer with giant tortoises or even volunteer in Ecuador helping communities or in the Amazon.


For more information about Christmas volunteer projects please e-mail us or view our volunteer abroad directory for all options.