Living in another country is the best way to learn about its culture, see new places, meet new people and have a really exciting experience. You will also be able to enhance your learning inside and outside of the classroom. 

Also it’s not all hard work, you’ll have plenty of chances to explore and make new friends and also learn in a new environment. There is also the option to brush up on your foreign language skills at the same time if you choose a country where English isn't the native language. 

But with so many destinations to choose from, how do you choose where to go? If you need some inspiration these are our top recommendations for the top study abroad destinations in the world.


1. Australia

Australia has so much on offer. The stunning scenery from beaches to mountains - draws thousands of intertnational students every year.

Road trips along the coast, surfing or snorkelling and hiking in the outback are just a few things you can do. The cities are lively and life is laid back.

The year long summer is also an attraction for many. Australia has some of the best universities in the world, so you’ll be learning every day and have something great to put on your resume.

Most importantly, studying in Australia is a chance to make unforgettable memories.


2. China

For a complete change of culture, studying in China is perfect. Being in one of the large cities, like Beijing or Hong Kong, will give you access to some prestigious schools.

Education is valued highly in China, so you can expect to work hard and learn lots. For some students this is the chance to gain a real edge on their peers. Being immersed in a culture will help you to pick up the language, which is a worry for most people. A lot of international book Chinese language courses in China which helps with integration.

Street markets offer the chance to try new foods for a low cost. The weekend adventure opportunities are unlike anywhere else in the world. Visiting the Great Wall of China or Terracotta Warriors are a once in a lifetime opportunity for many.


3. USA

Although studying abroad is hugely popular with U.S. citizens, there are so many options for foreign students who want to study abroad in the USA.

Some of the most respected universities in the world are located here and each one has its own unique culture which you’ll become part of right away.

Sports are a huge part of college life, so you’ll have plenty of chances to try something new in world class facilities. Your first time watching an American football game and cheering for your team will be unforgettable.

Studying in the USA is great for people who want to get stuck right into university life and meet new people.


4. UK

Best Study Abroad

Many students from around the world flock to study in the UK at one of the high quality universities including the iconic Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

London attracts students because of its iconic landmarks and bustling city life. Students will adapt to the fast paced way of life quickly and find that they are never far from something to do. At the weekends you can explore one of the city’s parks or enjoy quirky rooftop bars.

London is so diverse there is something for everyone. In other parts of the UK, whether you choose to study outside London or just have a day trip, you can find history, beautiful countryside and plenty of adventures.


5. Italy

Best Countries to Study Abroad

World famous cusine and cities, it is easy to see how Italy has made our top 10 list.

There are top rated universities located through out the country in places like Milan, Venice and Rome. Thousands on international students study in Italy every year and you will absolutely ove the experience.

Local people are very friendly especially if you try to converse in their native language, you might want to consider combining experience and booking an Italian language course in Italy.


6. Spain

Best Study Places

Looking for a laid back destination? Go study abroad in Spain.

With a warm climate and amazing cities like Barcelona, Madrid and Seville and Valencia there are so many reasons why you should consider this country. As a student you will get to enjoy the laidback relaxed atmosphere and see amazing places in your spare time.

A popular option is to combine experiences and learn Spanish in Spain at the same time. There are recommended language schools and universities which accept students from overseas for summer and all year round.


7. France

Best Destinations to Study

France is one of the most visited countries in the world and who wouldn't want to live and study in a city like Paris? You will get to sample the local food and enjoy world famous tourist sights like the Eiffel Tower, Louve and Arc de Tromph. There are lots of short and long term courses available in French and English.


8. Germany

Study Abroad Countries Best

Germany is one of the most affordable study abroad destinations in the world with a low cost of living. There are top rated universities in places like Munich and Berlin which offer fantastic packages to international students.

If you would like to study abroad on a budget Germany is a great country to choose with low fees for international students. You can choose from a wide range of courses too. 


9. Costa Rica

Top Rated Study Destinations

Do you want to study abroad in a tropic paradise where you can spend your free time exploring beaches, jungles and see exotic wildlife? One of the most up and coming options in the world is to study abroad in Costa Rica.

Often underrated, as most people choose to study abroad in South America, Costa Rica will blow you away. There are highly rated educational instutions and also Spanish language schools in Costa Rica offer really cheap package to help you learn or improve your language skills.


10. Japan

If you are looking for a culture shock and are open to a totally different experience consider going to study abroad in Asia and choose Japan as your destination.

This country is incredible, from huge megacities, futuristic technology and a totally different way of life - you will love the experience of living and studying in Japan. There are also lots of amazing places to choose from include Tokyo and Osaka which are incredible cities.


Plan Your Study Abroad Experience

If you are thinking about going to study abroad and wondering what the top rated destinations hopefully our guide has helping give you some ideas. You will need to research courses to see what is best for you.

There really are 100+ amazing places you can choose to study abroad. If you need some convincing this experience is right for you view our reasons why you should study abroad.

If you are a student or graduate looking to boost your practical experience or travel after studyies you might also like to search internships or gap year programs.