Top Reasons to Study in Spain

Spain study abroad

Keen on the idea of going to study abroad in Europe? Not sure about your destination? There are so many reasons why you should choose Spain including: 

  • Some of the best universities in Europe
  • Welcoming culture
  • Amazing world cities like Barcelona and Madrid
  • Highly rated courses
  • Warm climate 
  • Friendly people
  • A perfect chance to also learn Spanish in Spain
  • Incredible places to see in your spare time


Best Places to Study in Spain

You can find institutions throughout the country, these are some of the best places to go:

  • Barcelona
  • Cadiz
  • Granada
  • Madrid
  • Salamanca
  • Sevilla
  • Valencia


Top Rated Universities in Spain for International Students 

Spain has some of the most respected universities in Europe which include:

  • University of Barcelona 
  • Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
  • Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
  • University Complutense Madrid/span> 
  • University of Navarra 
  • Universitat Pompeu FabraUniversitat Pompeu Fabra 
  • Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya 
  • Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) 
  • Universidad Politècnica de València  
  • Politécnica de Madrid 
  • University of Granada 
  • Universidad de Zaragoza 
  • Universidad de Sevilla 
  • Universitat de Valencia
  • University of Salamanca 
  • Universidade de Santiago de Compostela 
  • Universidad de Alcalá 
  • University of Murcia


Academic Calendar

Most academic years are organized into 2 semesters. The first semester usually begins in September and ends in February; the second semester begins in February and ends in June. Subjects may be semester-long or year-long and exams are held at the end of each semester. 


Scholarships for Studying in Spain

The following organisations offer scholarships and financial support for international students seeking to study in Spain:

  • API
  • CC-CS scholarship fund
  • ISA 


How to Apply

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Spain Study Abroad Reviews

If you have ever been to study abroad in Spain and would like to add a review, write about your experience or share any recommendations please contact us.

"Being the oldest and one of the most prestigious universities in Spain, the University of Salamanca is a worthy establishment to choose. I spent a year abroad in Salamanca and really enjoyed living and studying in the city." - Emily, UK

"Study in Spain was the single hardest but best year of my life" - Emma, UK


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