Wanderlust entrances people, and moving to another country gives you the chance to truly experience its culture. Not to mention, it gives you plenty of opportunities for adventure and to meet like-minded people.

The choices of countries to obtain a working holiday visa for depends on your home country, and it is important to weigh the pros and cons of them before deciding where you would like to go.

One of the most popular places, without a doubt, is the United Kingdom.

Below are a few reasons why the UK is a great country to spend your working holiday.


1. Proximity to mainland Europe for easy travel

If you have a case of the travel bug, the UK will be a perfect base for you. There are loads of international airports where you can find extremely cheap flights to other European countries. It is super easy to make a short weekend getaway last minute without breaking the bank. Before you know it, you will be an expert European traveller.


2. Length of visa

How long you can stay in a country on a working holiday visa varies from place to place, with many being one year and some as short as six months. The UK however, offers you two years. An extra year means more time with new friends and more adventuring!


3. Centuries of history

Wales Castle

If you're like me and spent your whole life growing up in a "newer" country, the amount of history the UK has to offer will surely amaze you. It is full of centuries of historical buildings, land, art, and people.

There is nothing cooler than exploring an old castle surrounded by a moat, or roaming amongst the ruins of a 12th-century hospital. There are beautiful old stone houses in villages, and huge stately homes that used to house the country's elite.

From the Romans all the way to the Victorian era, there will certainly be no shortage of things to see and learn about. If you are a history buff, the UK is perfect for you.


4. A choice of four countries to live in


It is often forgotten that the United Kingdom is actually a nation that consists of four countries, rather than just one country in itself. With a working visa for the UK, you have four options of where you would like to live.

England tends to be the most popular with cities like London and Manchester attracting a large amount of young people.

You also have the option of beautiful Scotland where you can reside in large cities like Edinburgh or Glasgow, but have plenty of time to have some outdoor adventures in the Scottish Highlands where you can experience some incredible landscapes and views.

Another option is Northern Ireland, where Belfast attracts many travellers. You can get the best of both worlds here as there is a big combination of British and Irish culture in one place.

Finally, there's Wales. If you love the ocean, beaches, and hiking, Wales will be a perfect place for you.


5. Famous landmarks

Big Ben, London

Let's face it, although we all hate how packed with tourists any popular landmarks around the world are, we still go as we can't bear to miss them.

The UK is filled with loads of them so there will never be a shortage of places for you to visit. From the London Eye, Big Ben and Tower Bridge, to Stonehenge, the Roman Baths, and the White Cliffs of Dover, there will always be someone else for you to tick off your list.

Each landmark tells a story that will enhance your knowledge of the UK.


6. Entertainment


One thing the UK has no shortage of is entertainment,  whether this be in the form of sport, music, theatre, or anything else, there is something for everyone.

London's West End has dozens of big theatres with popular shows such as the Lion King and Phantom of the Opera, but there are also theatres all over the country that always have something interesting showing.

If you're a sports fan, the UK is perfect. Football (or soccer depending on where you're from) is its biggest sport, with cricket and rugby also drawing large crowds. It is a great place to watch both international and local competition at all levels.

If you're a concert buff, there is sure to always be upcoming concerts from huge worldwide artists, but plenty of homegrown local talent can also be found.


7. Make international friends

The UK draws people from all over the world.

Thanks to social media, it's easy to link up with new people wherever you go and you are guaranteed to make friends during your time here.

You'll expand your network which could lead to new global opportunities. Your experience abroad does not need to start and stop with your visa expiry date.

If you're not able to stay in the UK at the end of your visa, there's nothing stopping you from applying for a working holiday visa for another country to continue the adventure!


By Brittany Gomez


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