Before I left, I found these questions hard to answer as the only reason I had was a strong feeling that it was something I should do. Now these are the easiest to answer. 

Before you teach in China, check out 5 things I learned from the program and what you should expect if you are considering a similar experience...


1. People & Students

The Chinese people are friendly and accommodating, the students are positive and happy. What I learnt teaching abroad in China still impacts my life at home and I am more than grateful for what the students taught me while I was teaching them. 


2. Size of China

Shanghai skyline night

There is so much variety and so many places to see in China, it’s easy to forget it is one country. I taught in Yunnan province and there are so many places to see here and in other places!


3. Best Gap Year Idea

For me, teaching is what made my gap year a truly meaningful travel experience. If you are looking for a way to spend your gap year in China I couldn't recommend this experience highly enough. It was the highlight of my time away and a great way to earn money whilst travelling.


4. Cultural Immersion

Fenghuang, China

Teaching in China puts you right at the heart of Chinese lifestyle. I learnt more than I ever could as a tourist looking in from the outside, and being part of a community allowed me to see how rural towns work. 


5. Change Your Perceptions

Hong Kong skyline night

The most important thing that I brought back with me is what I immediately tell people about the experience: China is nothing like the perception that I had, and I assume many have, before visiting. China has a fascinating and ancient culture, one that really opened my eyes.


Plan a Trip to China

These pages wil help you plan an amazing experience in the far east:

By Emily Ferris