China Gap Year

There are so many things to do and places to see in China and we highly recommend booking a gap year program to experience the highlights. We list trips and programs with the worlds leading gap year companies where you can visit or work in places like Beijing, X'ian, Shanghai and Yunan. Start planning a gap year to China today.


Gap Year Jobs, Trips & Programs in China

China Gap Year

Best Things to Do on a Gap Year in China

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Plan a Gap Year to China

If you would like to visit China but are worried about the language barrier we recommend taking an organised program. This will be more expensive than traveling independently but you will get to see exciting places, travel in a group with others and have a safe and fun gap year experience. Most gap year programs will require you to be aged 18+ and also open minded to living and working in a new country. There are start dates every month and most placements need to be booked in advance.

You can also search adventure trips where you can visit places throughout the country. From small group adventures to day breaks by bike, these trips offer a great way to experience new places in China with other travelers and a local guide. China can be a difficult country to travel in, the language is tough to pick up and also the size and diversity of locations can seem daunting. Traveling on a gap year program takes all the hassle away meaning you can enjoy the best experience possible and have a lot of fun.

One tip we have for China is the distances you will travel can be vast, always take food for overnight train journeys as the food on board can not be the best. Prices for trips vary and there are different trip lengths available to match all time frames, you can search trips on our website and book in advance. There are departures all year round and booking ahead of time is advised to avoid spaces being full. 


China gap year jobs


Most gap year jobs and programs in China are open to all Nationalities and you can apply with a friend / partner, there is no guarantee you will be placed together though. For most structured programs you will need to pay a fee, this usually includes placements, transfers, accommodation, meals and in-country support. Accommodation is usually provided in the form of a shared house or hostel dorm, there are also cultural home-stays available where you can stay with a local family. On most programs you will work with local staff and also other international participants so you will not be alone.


Health & Safety

  • Research and visit your local GP to check vaccinations prior to departure
  • Buy travel insurance and be prepared for any emergencies, check your overseas medical insurance coverage before going on your trip
  • Tell family and friends where you are going and what you are going to be doing
  • Try to read information on a local customs and laws, countries like China are very strict what they let you bring into the country
  • Take copies of documents, you also might want to keep an extra copy of cred card details, consulate address and important phone numbers in a country you are visiting
  • Another good idea you might want to consider is to register with your government or in country embassy. Some governments have a free registration if you are looking to live or travel abroad. If a disaster or anything happens the authorities will have your details to contact you


China gap year programs

China Gap Year Reviews & Testimonials

Have you spent your gap year in China? Would you like to share advice or your experience? Contact us today.

"I decided to take a gap year to Asia and booked a flight to Shanghai from London. This was one of the longest flights of my life! China is amazing but a big culture shock so be aware of this. From the language, culture and food - everything is different. Be open minded and you will really enjoy the experience. Be sure to visit Beijing, Shanghai, X'ian, Chengdu - all facsinating destinations." - Paul, UK

"When I began to look into volunteer projects for my gap year in China, I decided on teaching English as I wanted to do something I am passionate about within another culture. However I wanted to experience a culture that would teach me something too and I had only read about China in textbooks. As I researched, it became apparent that the chance for a Chinese student to learn conversational English is invaluable. I wanted to share what I could and I knew it would be rewarding to potentially impact on a student’s future, even in the smallest way. Yet I was equally, if not more excited at the prospect of what the students would teach me and what I would find out about a country that still is, to an extent, shrouded in mystery." - Emily Ferris, UK

"I spent a year in China with Project Trust and it changed my life. I made friends for life and experienced a culture which is unlike anything I had seen before" - Harrison, UK


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