From a brand new soccer coaching programme to placements on traditional summer camps, and from seasonal jobs for university students to career-related internships of up to 18 months.  

While the variety of possibilities is immense, they all share the common goal of having fun, making new friends, seeing some of the world and showing future employers that you have drive and gumption. Between now and February, BUNAC is holding recruitment fairs, exhibitions and regional interviews around the UK and Ireland, so get your skates on...


1. Summer Camp USA Celebrates 45 Years

BUNAC’S Summer Camp USA programme is still going strong after 44 years and more than 125,000 placements.  It's currently the best value summer camp programme in the UK market, with programme fees starting from £269 (excluding flights) and a deposit of just £39, and allows participants to spend 8 to 10 weeks working with children in a stunning North American holiday setting, before travelling for up to two months around the United States. BUNAC camp counsellors receive pocket money of up to $1,100 depending on age and experience.

Applicants need plenty of energy and enthusiasm and previous experience of working with children! A vast array of different activities takes place at the summer camps, and experience of these is an advantage, but not essential. BUNAC has long-standing relationships with Camp Directors and takes great care to place each candidate in the setting that best suits their skills, interests and personality.

The Summer Camp USA application window is now open, with interviews taking place around the country over the coming months to recruit specialist and general camp counsellors for next summer, and visits by Camp Directors to Dublin, Edinburgh, Limerick, London and Manchester scheduled during January and February.


2. Calling All Football Lovers: New Soccer Coaching Programme 

Anyone with a special interest in football will love to hear that BUNAC has introduced a brand new Soccer Coaching USA programme, as a variation on Summer Camp USA.

Successful applicants travel around the US for 6 to 12 weeks, staying with host families for a week at a time and leading soccer day camps for youngsters aged from 3 to 18 years.  It’s a great way of getting to see the US, whilst at the same time sharing your passion for the beautiful game and enhancing your CV.  

Soccer Coaching USA costs £700, including an orientation weekend in the UK, placement, transatlantic flights, medical insurance, coaching kit, board and lodging, plus 24/7 emergency support in the USA. Coaches receive a weekly salary of $170 to $250, depending on hours worked each week.


3. Work America – It’s Now Or Never For Full-Time Students

Work America is the ideal opportunity to earn money doing seasonal work and travel around the States for up to four months during the summer, but it’s only available to full-time UK university students (including those in their final year), so don’t miss out!

It adds colour to your CV and, since BUNAC is working with even more employers, the variety of jobs available is greater than ever before.   

Locations range from California to Carolina, New York to New Jersey and Maine to Massachusetts, with hundreds of seasonal jobs to choose from.  Serve ice cream on Catalina Island, wait on tables on Long Island, a 60-minute train ride from Manhattan, work at an amusement park in Ocean City, or prepare food in the best seafood restaurant in Cape Cod…

The list of possibilities is almost endless, and BUNAC provides assistance throughout, from helping to secure your dream summer job and all-essential J-1 visa to offering flight deals, travel opportunities and continued support during your stay in America.

Work America is open for applicants now and costs £599 or you can sign up to the Ultimate programme, which includes job placement, accommodation and transatlantic flights for just £1,200. 


4. Internship USA - Gain International Work Experience In Your Chosen Career

BUNAC's Internship USA is the ideal way to gain skills and training in your chosen industry, while immersing yourself in the American lifestyle and workplace culture.

BUNAC now offers a Full Placement option, with pre-arranged internships of up to 18 months in addition to sponsorship, visa assistance, orientation, insurance and support throughout the stay.

Applicants are assigned an in-country placement co-ordinator and receive guidance in creating an online application package, video CV and possibly taking part in Skype interviews with potential employers. 


You can also find your own internship if you prefer; sign up to the self placement programme to take advantage of BUNAC’s sponsorship arrangements and comprehensive support package.

Both programmes are aimed at students and recent graduates with a degree or a minimum of five years’ experience in their chosen internship field and prices start from £657.  An internship in the USA really helps to make your CV stand out from the crowd!


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