A Guide to Working in Sweden

There are a range of jobs throughout the country for students, graduates and professionals, from flexible summer jobs opportunities to professional careers anything is possible here. Sweden is home to some of the most well known brands in the world which include IKEA, H&M, TetraPak, Ericsson, AstraZeneca and Volvo. You can enjoy one of the best work-life balances in the world when living here and there are lots of different jobs for English speakers available in various industries.

A lot of international students studying in Sweden work here as it is legally allowed - this is a great way to get your foot in the door. A lot of universities offer intern programs in Sweden which can be very productive as sometimes it can be a challenge to break into the Swedish job market. Many students and graduates seek employment teaching English in Sweden whilst there are also lots of tech companies and start ups operating here. One of our top tips for this destination is Swedes really value punctuality and you will need to be on time for interviews.

Please don't think by just turning up you are guaranteed a job in Sweden, there are some challenges you might face including local workers generally having priority. Like any country, you will need to work hard on networking and also try to improve your language skills - these things will really help land a dream job in Sweden. July is the worst time of year to find work Sweden as a lot of companies usually close for the whole month with employees taking four to six weeks off for summer holidays.

Sweden is an incredible country to live and work, they recently introduced a 6 hour working day and workers are also entitled to a lot of paid holiday time off. Not to mention there are subsidised public services. On our guide you can find information and recruiters who hire foreigners and English speakers. Apply today.


Best Places to Seek Employment

Stockholm is generally the most popular place to work in the country and also where most positions are advertised.  Other places you might want to search for jobs include Gothenburg, Malmö, Helsingborg, Linköping, Örebro, Uppsala and Västerås.


Popular Jobs in Sweden

There are positions in lost of industries but these are the main ones for international staff:

  • Au Pair & Nanny
  • Business
  • Customer Service
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality & Hotels
  • IT
  • Language/Multilingual
  • Marketing/PR
  • Online/Internet
  • Research/Development
  • Retail
  • Sales
  • Software Development
  • Teaching
  • Tourism


Language Requirements

Most people in Sweden speak fluent English and so don't let not knowing any Swedish put you off applying here. If you are keen to give yourself an advantage in the job market then learning Swedish will really improve your chances of finding a dream job. It will also make integration easier.


Visas, Work Permits & Salary

If you are from an EU country you can enter Sweden and work legally. If you are coming from outside the EU then you will need to apply for a work permit. The salary for working in Sweden can be high but this varies depending on the position and recruiter. Please note that Swedish income tax is very high, you can expect to lose around 30% of your salary in deductions. Some employers offer generous working contracts and sick pay.


Jobs in Sweden for English Speakers, Foreigners & Non-EU Citizens

Are you interested to find job vacancies in Sweden but not sure if you are eligible as you are not from a country in the EU?  We get lots of enquires from people from all around the world including countries like India and South Africa who are keen to secure employment in Sweden but as you might have realised this isn't that simple. 

There are several way how you can find jobs in Sweden as a non-EU citizen. Some companies offer jobs in Sweden for Indian, South African and other nationalities but to get hired you will need to be eligible for a work visa or have a company offer you a position. 

Our best advice is to contact the recruiters listed on our website who will be able to help you secure work legally in the country.


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