How to Work in Bali

Are you keen on the idea of going to work in Asia? There are so many reasons to choose Bali as your destination. Expect friendly people, tasty food, lush rainforest, beaches, weather, amazing destinations and also a low cost of living.

It can be difficult to find short term jobs in Bali for a month but there are options mainly due the huge tourism industry. Don't expect salaries to be huge especially compared to Western standards, but this destination offers so many more benefits than just money. 

Some companies also offer volunteer work in Bali, this is generally unpaid but a lot of fun and a great way to make a difference.


Jobs for Expats, Foreigners & English Speakers in Bali

These areas are the most popular and best ways to gain employment:

International and local travel companies hire English speaking staff to lead tours in Bali or work in admin/logistics.

Teaching English at schools is a great way to live and work in Bali. A lot of foreigners take a TEFL course to gain a reputable qualification then find work at local language and public schools. Some charities offer full time positions too.

Hotels & Hospitality
Hotels and resorts hire international staff and can help with the visa process.

Sports Instructor
There are lots of yoga retreats and scuba dive schools - all of which need international staff. If you know more than one language and have experience in a sports activity you stand a better chance of getting employment.

Work Freelance
Get a job online and have the flexibility to work in Bali and anywhere in the world.


Visa & Eligibility

Wondering if it is possible to work in Indonesia as a foreigner? Yes, but to do so legally you must obtain a visa.

Most foreigners arrive in Bali on a general tourist visa and some do work cash in hand jobs but this is risky. To stay the right side of the law you must get a government approved work permit or KITAS (Kartu Tanda Tinggal Sementara or Temporary stay permit).

What we recommend if you have never been to Bali before, is to visit as a tourist, see if you like it, and if you do, search recruiters and apply for positions.


How to Apply

You can browse recruiters in Bali which hire staff on our directory. For specific help please contact us.