A Guide to Working in Perth

Jobs in Perth

Perth is connected by a lot of worldwide airports and is a popular initial stop for most people arriving from Europe and Asia. Perth is the largest city in Western Australia and a good place to experience the Australian way of life. The beaches on this side of Australia are really stunning and a lot less busy than those on the east coast. 

Perth is the most isolated major city in the world (the nearest city of more than 100,000 inhabitants is Adelaide, which is 2000kms away!). That said, you might not understand why we recommend you to work abroad here. You might think that Perth must be one of those cities in the middle of the desert with nothing to do, or that it’s expensive to live there because of the cost of transporting goods until the city. You might as well be more attracted to the more obvious busy life of the east coast cities, for example going to work in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, usually well known among backpackers. But after you read our guide, your only dream will be to move in to Perth!

There are lots of jobs in this city and the surrounding area in lots of different professions and wages are generally higher than other countries worldwide. Most jobs here can be found in tourism or business - there are lots of normal 9-5 office jobs and also flexible hostel/hotel/bar jobs especially in the backpacker area of down town.


Types of Jobs in Perth

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Top Reasons to Work in Perth

1. The Weather
When you think about Australia, you surely think about the land where summer lasts all year. But if you have experienced Melbourne or Sydney during autumn or winter, you will agree, this is not true. Not true at all. There, it can get really cold and wet. Perth has more sunny days than any other Australian capital city yearly. The weather in Perth is more moderate; the lowest temperature during winter doesn’t usually go under 7°C, and during the summer you will enjoy 31°C, a pretty good reason to spend your free time at the beach.

2. The Job Opportunities
Australia has long been pictured as the new Eldorado for job seekers with a Working Holiday Visa. When you arrive there though, you realize that you are not the only one looking for a job. On the contrary, you might discover the same night of your arrival that half of the backpackers with whom you share a room are still looking for a job sometimes month after they arrived.

In Perth, you will have more chances to find a job; the job seekers usually aim at the big east coast cities rather than the smaller and more isolated Perth. You will then have less competition with other backpackers. Plus, Perth is the best city to find a mining job; it is close to the different mining sites and you can find a well-paid position without too much experience. And there is plenty of restaurants, pubs, shops, hostels that look for short on long term workers. If you want to do farm work, you are only a short drive away from the farms and the outback.

3. Its Population
If you want to live in a multicultural city, then Perth is the place to be! You will study, work and live with people from all over the world and learn a lot about other cultures and habits. When I was working there, my manager was English, the bosses were Australian and New-Zealander, my colleagues were Italian and German and my housemates Japanese, Colombian and American. For most of them they weren’t backpackers but they got a resident permit. What a melting pot, right?

4. The City Center & Beaches
There is plenty to do in the CBD of Perth. You can walk around the city mall on Murray and Hay streets, enjoy a day out in King’s Park to have a barbecue, wander around the botanical garden, lots of walking or biking tracks, and an open air cinema during the summer. Northbridge is the place to go out at night with plenty of restaurants, night clubs, and bars, you will never get bored. Don’t forget the many backpacker offers with many discount!

You can visit the Art Gallery of Western Australia, the Western Australian Museum, and Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts and go for a theater play in one of the many theaters in town. Take a walk to the river, right downtown. From there you will enjoy the skyline of Perth and maybe have the chance to spot dolphins. Keep walking until Heirisson Island to see the kangaroos who live there. What better place for sunset than the beach; only 20 minutes by train or car from the city center and you will be admiring some of the most beautiful of Western Australia from Cottesloe or Scarborough beach. While you are there, go to Fremantle and enjoy this harbor city.

You will never be bored in Perth!

5. Its Location in WA
When you will have 2 or 3 days off don’t hesitate to explore the area further. Rent a car or use public transports to go discover Western Australia. From Perth, you can go everywhere, let it be north, south, east or west. Go to Rottnest Island to snorkel and relax on the beach. Margaret River in the south is well known for its vineyards and you will enjoy beautiful beach sceneries. You can climb and hike over there as well. Go North until the Pinnacles Desert and marvel at nature’s work. Continue to Kalbarri National park and see the famous Natures’ Window. Keep going further until the beautiful Shark Bay and you might have the chance to feed wild dolphins in Monkey Mia. All of these places are easily accessible from Perth.

Forget about the east coast and its touristic cities and instead enjoy the west coast way of life!


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