Top 10 Reasons to Do a Working Holiday in Australia

Top 10 Reasons to Do a Working Holiday in Australia

If you are currently looking for a job which allows you to get paid, live in a new country, enjoy a warm climate, meet friendly people, have a lot of fun and also travel to see world famous sights then you should really consider working Down Under! If you need some persuasion or motivation we have put together a guide to the 10 best reasons why you might want to apply for your Australia working holiday visa...


1. Freedom

Experience living and working in a new destination! This is especially if you are an international applying for the first time, this is your chance to be free and experience the bets of Australia. It certainly beats most normal 9-5 jobs like working in a factory or in an office - honestly all your friends and family will be super jealous when they see your pictures.


2. Be More Than Just a Tourist

Working in a different country allows you to be more than just a tourist, you will experience the people, culture and country. If you have never been to Australia before this will be really exciting especailly when you get to see places like Sydney, Melbourne, the Great Barrier Reef, Whitsunday Islands just to name a few! You can challenge yourself and learn more about local people, customs and the great Aussie tradition.


3. Make New Friends

Meet people from all over the world - you might be suprised to know people come from so many different countries to work here. Australia currently has a reciprocal Working Holiday arrangement with the UK, South Korea, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, Taiwan, Republic of Ireland, Malta, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Hong Kong, Finland, Cyprus, France, Italy, Belgium, Iceland, Greece, Andorra, Estonia, Latvia and Hungary. Thousands of people also spend gap years in Australia every year and there are thousands of international travellers visiting every month.


4. Outdoor Sports

Australia has an outdoors lifetyle and there are so many sports you could try. From cricket, rugby, football to something a little more adventurous like skydiving you will be able to find something to match your interests. We highly recommend booking a scuba diving course in Australia as there are so many spectacular dive spots including the Great Barrier Reef.


5. Gain Experience

You will be able to enhance your CV / resume and build skills for a future career, you will learn leadership, personal and professional skills. You will also develop personal skills, taking the step to move and work abroad is a big step and a fantastic learning experience. If you are keen to improve your skills you might like to intern in Australia, paid and up-paid placements can be found in popuar areas like tourism and hospitality. 


6. Flexibility & Choice of Jobs

Imagine waking up and knowing you are going to get paid to live in some of the most spectacular locations in the world. A working holiday visa is flexible so you can work anywhere in the country. There are also so many jobs you can choose from in a range of different industries. A unique way to work your way around is to take a TEFL course in Australia, this will help give you the skills to teach English in Australia or anywhere in the world.


7. Do Something Unique 

Australia has incredible biodiversity and wildlife, and if you are looking for a rewarding experience you can apply to volunteer in Australia. You will get to make a difference whilst doing something worthwhile.


8. Not being Bored

Ask anyone who has been to Australia and the chances are they will say it's one of the best countries to visit in the world. You will get to escape your mundane lifestyle away from college work or a full time job and experience a job which can sometimes be 24 hours a day but also a lot of fun! If you plan your schedule right you will hardly get a moments rest and you can book lots of excursions in your spare time, from Australia, there are cheap flights to Indonesia, New Zealand and Fiji.


9. Find a New Home

Working Holidays Australia

A lot of people love the experience of living in Australia and some choose not to leave due to the experience, job or meeting a new partner. You will soon love VB and Tim Tams whilst there are also so many spectacular beaches to be found!


10. Get to Explore

Being based anywhere in Australia you are never too far away from some spectacular sights. Also a working holiday is not all about the work you will get lots of free days to see the sights. If you would like to make the most of the experience you might like to book a tour of Australia and go see places like Ayers Rock, the East Coast or Tasmania.


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