Best Places to Go Diving in Brazil

Scuba Diving in Brazil

The best place to go scuba diving in Brazil is generally regarded as Fernando de Noronha in the North of the country which has warm water, nature, marine animals, caves, tunnels; rock formations and spectacular reefs. Another popular diving location is the Laje de Santos Marine Park, off the coast of Sao Paulo in the south of the country. 


Top Rated Dive Sites in Brazil

Best Dive Sites in Brazil

Laje de Santos Marine Park, Sao Paulo
An amazing location to visit several dive sites and also see manta rays. Dive sites you might want to check out here include Anchor Ledge, the Moreia fishing boat wreck, 'Swimming Pool' with a high concentration of sea turtles and also the rock formation of Calhaus.

Pedras Secas, Fernando de Noronha
Warm waters and lots of marine creatures!

Abrolhos is around 913 sq km and includes an archipelago of four islands. If you dive here from July to November you stand a good chance of seeing humpback whales which breed in these waters.

Wreck Diving
If you are an experienced diver with 50 logged dives you might want to book a dive trip to the wreck of the Corveta in Fernando de Noronha. This ship sank in 1982, so quick recently and is in very good condition resting on the ocean floot at 60m deep.

Blue Lagoon, Angra dos Reis
Expect to see turtles and a variety of marine creatures.

Angra dos Reis
Here you can see a 7 foot deep wreck of the helicopter, free diving is popular here.



  • Cost - The price you pay really depends on the dive centre and also the package you choose. Dive centres usually accept payment in Brazilian real and US dollars. Some websites allow you to make transfers in multiple currencies too.
  • Language - Dive centres have staff which speak a number of languages including English so don't panic if you don't speak Portuguese. If you would like to combine learning to dive and improving your language skills view our Portuguese language lessons in Brazil.
  • What to Do in Your Spare Time - There is so much you can do in your free time but it depends where in the country you are located. If you would like to do something rewarding you can search our volunteer programs in Brazil or just relax on the coast and enjoy the local cuisine and hospitality.


Best Dive Centers in Brazil

  • Caju Divers
  • Mar Sub Divers
  • Atlantis Divers
  • Águas Claras
  • PL Divers
  • Vdiver Escola de Mergulho
  • Let's Dive - Mergulho e Aventura
  • Sea Divers
  • Acqua Sub


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