Best Islands to Visit in South America

Best Islands to Visit in South America

When you think about Latin America, probably islands are not the first thing which comes to mind. But believe us there are some really spectacular places to visit where you can escape the cities and enjoy relaxing locations with beautiful beaches.


1. Easter Island

Get pictures of the world famous stone faces, it is far away and remote but worth the trip and you will get memories to last forever!


2. Galapagos Islands

One of the most spectacular places in the world where you can see exotic wildlife and stunning landscapes. There are lots of trips available all year round.


3. Ilha Grande

Located off the coast of Rio de Janeiro is very undeveloped and a nice break from hectic city life


4. Falkland Islands

If wildlife is your thing the Falkland Islands will appeal to you!


5. Antarctica

Okay this is kinda cheating as it is a separate region of the world but if you have a bigger budget you could travel South from Argentina and visit Antarctica! Not many people do these trips - definately for the adventurous! 


Travel Opportunities in South America

Related Opportunities

Spirit of Shackleton - 21 Day Antarctica Voyage

Experience vast penguin rookeries and seal colonies on this awe-inspiring voyage to Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands. 

Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctic Islands

22 day marine expedition - meet hardy locals and seeing unique wildlife in the Falkland islands, explore abandoned whaling stations and visiting Shackleton’s grave, walk quietly amongst king penguins...

Antarctic Express: Fly North (Sea Adventurer)

Head to Antarctica on an adventure to explore the frozen continent.

Galapagos Island Hopping Volunteer Experience

Spend a dream experience island hopping, volunteering and travelling around the spectacular Galapagos Islands.  

Classic Antarctica - 11 Days

Set foot on Antarctica—the world's least visited continent, watch majestic albatross soar by the ship while crossing the Drake Passage, brave the chill by taking an optional polar plunge...

Galapagos Unforgettable (6 Days)

During this trip. Surprise yourself with the unique fauna of the Galapagos Islands!!

Family Volunteer Projects in Ecuador & Galapagos Islands

Mix sightseeing and volunteering to find an adventure that fits you and your family in Ecuador or the Galapagos Islands!

Galapagos Experience: 3 Islands, 3 Weeks - Island Hop and Volunteer!

Get to know the ¨Real¨ Galapagos by spending some quality time at three unique islands. Also, learn from local scientists about the current social and environmental issues affecting the islands.

Antarctica in Depth - 13 Days

Spend six full days exploring the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands

Antarctic Explorer: From Buenos Aires (Ocean Endeavour)

Experience an adventure tour of Antarctica and explore the unique conditions at the end of the Earth. 

Quest for the Antarctic Circle

Spend seven full days exploring the Antarctic Peninsula, go farther south than most have ever gone, spend time on deck searching for whales and watching soaring albatross

Galápagos on a Shoestring

This 9-day adventure is perfect for those who want to experience the incredible wildlife and scenery of the Galapagos Islands but prefer to sleep on shore—so your time on the water is limited to commuting between islands.

Galapagos Enchanting (5 Days)

In this program, you will enjoy Galapagos´enchanting during 5 days.

Quito to Rio Overland Tour via Buenos Aires

This is trip packed with South American highlights - Explore the Amazon Jungle, Hike the famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, view the stunning Iguazu Falls and spend time in the party Capital of the World, Rio de Janeiro.

Galapagos Island Hopper

From the heights of volcanoes to the unexplored waters of Galapagos, this trip is a must for the lovers of the great outdoors. Whether you are snorkelling with sea lions & rays, or chilling with the Galapagos giant tortoise, this adventure is epic.

Cultural Day Tours

Search and book day tours in cities and popular destinations around the world. Visit local sites and attractions with an experienced local guide.

Colombia, Andes & Galápagos

Got two months? Want to make the most of them? There can be no better way to do so than the most sprawling of all our South American trips. 

Quito to Quito (29 weeks) Trans South America

A truly epic overland expedition that takes us full circle around South America.





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