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Brazil's colourful diversity and abundance seem to embody everything that is best in South America. Brazil is home to magnificent cities, exquisite waterfalls, lush rainforests, thousands of miles of pristine white sand beaches and the Amazon flows through its heart! Get inspired to visit Brazil today.


Brazil Holidays, Gap Year Programs & Travel Ideas

Find inspiration for the best things to do if you would like to book a holiday, travel, go backpacking or take a gap year in Brazil.

Brazil Travel Guide

Brazil Holidays

Whether you want to travel in Brazil, go backpacking, try your hand at capoeira, see Carnival or experience the highlights of the country - we have some incredible experiences to ignite your wanderlust. Get more information about visiting Brazil on our destination guide below:

  • Population: 195,000,000 (approx)
  • Capital: Brasília
  • Largest City: São Paulo 20,000,000 (approx) 
  • Currency: Brazilian Real (BRL) £1 = 4BRL / $1 = 3BRL (approx)
  • International Dailing Code +55
  • Area: 850,000,000 km2 (approx)
  • Language: Brazilian Portuguese
  • Voltage in Brazil: 127/220V 60Hz AC
  • Visa: A tourist visa is granted on arrival for most passport holders, you can stay up to 3 months (90 days) but must have a valid passport in date.


Top Reasons to Visit Brazil

  • Warm weather most months
  • Discover world famous locations like Rio de Janeiro
  • See breathtaking sights like the Christ Redeemer
  • Experience Carnival, the world's greatest street party
  • Watch a live football game - one of the main passions of the country
  • Enjoy the warm hospitality of the people and culture
  • Get up close to the Foz do Iguazu waterfalls which are one of the most amazing places you will visit in your life 
  • Go to Fernando de Noronha - a UNESCO World Heritage Site with deserted beaches and idilylic scenery
  • Go in search of the best beach - Ipanema, Copacobana, Guaraja or off the beaten track
  • Sample the local cuisine includes pastels and rice and beans 


How to Get to Brazil

Brazilian cities are connected to a number of worldwide airports and most international flights arrive into Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. You can also cross the border by land from countries like Argentina or there are also cruises which stop off at ports in the country. Most Nationalities do not need to apply for a tourist visa in advance of arrival and you can stay for up to 90 days.


Weather & Best Time to Visit Brazil

Brazil has a warm climate, even in winter - July to September, the temperature is usually around 15-25 degrees. During summer - December to January you can expect the temperature to be well in the 30's. The North of the country is a lot warmer than the South and the weather can be unpredictable in places like Sao Paulo. There is no best time to visit this country, every month offers a different experience


Events & Festivals

  • Carnival, nationwide (February)
  • Festa de Iemanja (January 1)
  • Lapinha, Salvador (January 5)
  • Boi Bumba, Paratins (June)
  • Festival of St Benedict, Central/Western Brazil (July)
  • Virgin of Nazareth Festival, Belem (Second Sunday in October)
  • Children’s Day, nationwide (October 12)
  • Christmas of Light, nationwide (60 days throughout November and December)


How to Get Around Brazil

A reliable public transport system runs in Brazil but due to the size of the country durations can be long. Distance should never stop you from seeing the best of Brazil though, therefore, we suggest buying multiple flight tickets with one of the local airlines, or an air-pass if you have a set itinerary. Flights are frequent and can be relatively inexpensive if you choose right and book ahead. There is also a relatively cheap bus service which runs throughout the country and stops in most towns and cities. There are different levels of comfort depending on what your budget is. 


Traveling & Backpacking in Brazil 

Backpacking in Brazil

With One World 365 you can get ideas and inspiration for things to do if you are keen to travel or go backpacking in Brazil. You will be able to find something to match your interest, you can choose between short one day, or one month and longer options. Our travel opportunities are authentic and you will get to travel like a local exploring incredible destinations like Recife, Olinda, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Salvador de Bahia, the Pantanal, Manaus and the Amazon. 


Gap Year in Brazil 

Brazil Gap Year Travel

Thinking about taking a gap year to Brazil? Experience the magic of this vibrant South American destination for yourself and live, work or travel in places like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Brazil is a huge country with lots to see and do and covers nearly half of South America and with a population of over 190 million people - no wonder they are so good at football! This country has great nightlife, friendly people who have a real passion for football and life. 

Just mentioning the name Brazil seems to perk imaginations more so than most other countries. It’s renowned for its natural beauty, exotic ecosystems and diverse culture. It’s also rapidly developing and gaining in popularity as it hosted the 2014 FIFA world cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics. But above all, the most important factor to remember when planning on backpacking or travelling around Brazil is: it’s HUGE.

There is a dazzling string of great cities along its coast - the pulse-pounding resort of Rio de Janeiro; sprawling, metropolitan Sao Paulo; and, further north, entrancing canals and bustling piers of Recife. The locals are football crazy, try to engage them in conversation and they will love chatting to you. Try to learn Portuguese phrases to help your experience. If you do not speak Portuguese and would like to see the highlights we highly recommend a gap year experience which includes transport, accommodation and selected meals.

Essential things to do on your gap year in Brazil include seeing:

  • Bustling cities like Rio De Janerio, Bahia and Sao Paulo
  • The Foz De Igazu falls is a long journey from anywhere but the waterfalls are some of the best in the world 
  • The Amazon and the Pantanal is highly advised if you like nature / wildlife
  • Bahia and Natal are also recommended
  • Underrated destinations include Curitiba, Fortaleza, Jericoacoara and Belo Horizonte

You will experience the best of Brazilian culture - eat the food, drink the drink & enjoy the music and atmosphere of this country. Be open to trying the local food, it is very tasty and healthy. Options include feijoada, rice and beans, tacacá, acarajé and coconut. There are lots of different gap year programs available to join all year round and you can search options and book a dream experience today. 


Brazil Travel Tips

Brazil Budget Travel Tips

Brazil is one of the most expensive places you can visit in South America - but this country is worth spending the money to see - you will not regret it. Currently £1 is around 4 Riel ($1 is 3 Riel) and you will find Rio and Sao Paulo the two most expensive cities in terms of accommodation, going out and sightseeing. View our 

  • Transport: Travelling in Brazil on a budget can be difficult, try to avoid the period around Carnival in February as accommodation, food and general activities all go up in price. If you travel during winter around May - September this will be the quietest and cheapest time. In summer expect to pay more for accommodation. If you are taking a taxi always try to agree a price or have a rough idea of what it is going to cost.
  • Food & Drink: Eating out can be expensive in Brazil and this can quickly eat away at your budget. Fast food outlets are also expensive, some basic burger meals can cost around 18-25 Riel (£8)! Avoid expensive tourist areas like Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro as some of the bars and restaurants charge a small fortune for food and drink which you can get elsewhere for a fraction of the price.
    If you are looking to save money try to eat and drink at locally run places and avoid big chain restaurants, there are also pay per kilo restaurants located throughout Brazil which are great if you are looking to eat on a budget. You pay for how much food you get and then pay per kilo - usually you can eat a big plate of food for around 7-10 Riel (£3 / $4.50). If you would like to save money try to eat food at street stalls or local cafes instead of mainline restaurants. 
  • Accommodation: Hotels and hostels are more expensive in Rio and Sao Paulo compared to other places in the country. Expect to pay around 25 reils for a dorm bed or 100 reils for a basic hotel room. You can find guesthouses thoughout the country which are cheap.
  • Daily Budget: What you spend really comes down to where you are and what you do. You can get back on around 50 - 100 reils (approx £12-£25) per day if you stay somewhere cheap and don't spend too much on sightseeing activities.


Health & Safety

Visiting Brazil can seem a daunting prospect, if you mention to someone that you are planning to visit they might mention the crime and social issues which you must be aware of. You shouldn't let crime put you off visiting though, remember Brazil is a country with over 200 million people and very few foreigners ever encounter any problems. Our top recommendations to stay safe include:

  • The safest way we recommend to see this country is to join an organised experience. 
  • If you are visiting certain areas of the country like the Amazon or Pantanal you might need to get medication like malaria tablets, check before departing. Brazil is a country where extreme wealth is alongside extreme poverty and crime is quite high in certain areas. 
  • Take extra caution in larger cities like Rio and Sao Paulo and also find out which areas you shouldn't go to, some tips include walking in a group or with someone when at night and also don't go to places like the beach in Rio by yourself after dark.
  • Asking locals for tips, always try to walk in a group at night and avoid areas which are problem areas. Even thought it might be appealing do not wander into a favela (community) by yourself, there are safe excursions available if this type of thing appeals to you. 
  • Try always to be street safe and keep on the tourist trail, also do not drink to excess.
  • Try to not stand out too much, this can be difficult but obvious things include not walking around with a large map looking lost, possible get a drink in a cafe instead. It is also never a good idea to flash valuables in public, for example a laptop, tablet or phone.
  • Be discreet and don't attract any unwanted attention, the same goes with money don't let people see you carrying large amounts of money. 


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