Volunteer and adventure trips available to 17 year olds are a great way to experience something new and also make all your friends and family jealous. Read more information and apply today.


Why Join

If you don't just take a holiday to somewhere like Greece or Spain and sit on a beach and you would really like to do something meaningful and fun then you might relish this experience. 



These programs are open to all nationalities so whether you live in the UK, USA, Australia or around the world you can apply for a life changing holiday and experience today. You do not need to fill any eligibility criteria and these programs are open to students and non-students. No previous skills or experience is needed to as full training and safety information will be provided.



These are great taster programs if you are looking to take a gap year in the future, trip departures are all year round and summer volunteering programs specifically for 17 year old are really popular. You will need to enquire and apply in advance to avoid spaces being full.


Where to Go

There are so many worldwide destinations you can choose to volunteer in too including Africa, Thailand, India, China and Latin America. Where you go really comes down to the types of project or destination you are interested in.


What Can You Do

Types of programs can include helping educational and teaching projects in schools and community centres, working to help animals which have been rescued or need assistance and helping nature and conservation initiatives. Most volunteer trips include tours of the local area and also excurisons meaning its not all work.


Featured Destinations


How to Apply

To get more information and to make a booking visit our main volunteer work abroad directory to search all projects and trips. 



Most organisations offer structured group trips where you will need to pay a joining fee, this generally includes placements, transfers, training, meals, accommodation and in-country support.


Help / Advice

Please e-mail is for more information about volunteering work abroad for 17 year olds and we will be able to provide more information and help you arrange a project. Also if you are slightly younger you might like to view our Volunteering programs abroad for 15 and 16 year olds.