Top Reasons to Learn Chinese in Taiwan

There are lots of language schools and highly rated universities located throughout the country which offer beginners and more advanced Chinese courses. 

Reasons to study in Taiwan include:

  • If you are feeling a little apprehensive about studying Chinese in China, Taiwan offers a great alternative.
  • The higher education system in Taiwan is also renounded as being world class
  • Although most local people aren't fluent in English, they are very friedly and welcoming


Learn Mandarin in Taipei

Taipei is one of the most popular cities in the country to study Mandarin, you can expect a modern metropolsis with hundreds of shops, entertainment, restaruants and things to do. There are around 50 universities based in Taipei.


Top Places to Study

The Taiwan Mandarin Institute offers small group Mandarin classes throughout the year.



If you have got a pretty tight budget for studying Chinese then Taiwan will also appeal to you, prices are very cheap compared to other destinations like Beijing and Shanghai on mainland China.


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