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Apply to join an internship where you will be able to gain work experience, learn new skills and progress your career. Internship programs are open to students, graduates and anyone seeking to gain work experience. There are free and paid internships available to join during summer and all year round in the UK and other countries worldwide. Search featured international internship programs today.


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Find paid and work experience internships abroad available for summer and year round to students, graduates, gap years and people seeking hands on CV / resume experience

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Top Reasons to Apply for an Internship 

Many companies offer internships in the UK and around the world, this provides benefits for both employee and employer: the company is able to acquire an extra pair of hands without the burden of a contracted employee, while the worker is able to add more experience to their CV and an extra reference to take to future employers. In short, an internship will be an indispensable asset when you try to get that job of your dreams. 

  • Internships will provide you the chance to gain work experience for a future career
  • Employers are always impressed by internship experience
  • An international internship it shows you are adaptable and outgoing
  • By applying you will gain both personally and professionally
  • Make new contacts both professionally and personally

Some companies offer structured packages which include placements, support and accommodation which is perfect if you are looking for a gap year, spring, fall summer or year long internship placement abroad. 



Search Internships Available by Industry

You can find internships in all areas including:


  • Administration
  • Creative, Design
  • Education
  • Mechanical
  • Environmental 
  • Human Resources
  • Logistics
  • Publishing
  • Events
  • Sales
  • Social Work
  • Leisure



Paid Internships Abroad

Some internship schemes are paid so you can earn some money over the period but others are unpaid. While this may seem unappealing, it is important to look at the bigger picture. If work is not available to you then taking an unpaid internship will not put you in a worse position, but will give you experience and references that will most definitely be of help when you continue your job search for a more permanent position in the future. The virtues of internships cannot be overstated.



Top Tips on Finding an Internship Placement

With so many people applying for any given position, it is imperative to stand out from the crowd. One of the key qualities employers look for is a willingness to work, they want to know you will be a permanent asset to their company rather than a temporary employee there for a wage. Nothing shows commitment more than working for nothing, and turning up to an interview and being able to say you voluntarily worked in the industry for no money displays commitment, strength of character and a true love for the work.



Student Internships Abroad

Internships Abroad for Students

You can join international internships in a wide range of countries. A lot of people find gaining employment straight from college or university can be extremely difficult, but by taking an internship abroad it shows you are willing to travel abroad to gain experience which demonstrates good qualities - this can give you a boost on completion of a degree. There are volunteer programs you can join throughout the year too, these offer you the chance to live and work to help people in developing countries.

Popular student internship programs include working to help human rights issues around the world, law internships are a great learning experience, whilst there are also media, journalism, tv, film, medicine and other placements which you can select. When traveling abroad on an internship program you will meet new people, get to live abroad, work alongside local people and understand their culture and history, learn hands on skills and experience something totally new which you wouldn't get in your native country. A lot of students join summer internship programs which can be completed as part of a uni course - you will need to book in advance to secure a placement.




Internships Abroad For Graduates

Have you recently graduated? Would you like to gain work experience? Browse our website and find internships abroad for graduates. We list companies who offer internships all around the world, you can join paid internship programs abroad or even volunteer your services in developing countries which is a great way to travel and boost your CV / resume. The graduate internships on our website give you the opportunity to advance in your career path and gain international hands-on work experience which might make you stand out from future candidates when competing for jobs. Gain work experience is vital to gaining employment and sometimes it is extremely difficult to get. The current economic situation around the world is not easy for students and graduates who are struggling to get a foot in the door of top companies and recruiters.



Gap Year Internships

If you are planning a gap year and would like to do something productive with your time beneficial to your future career then considered applying for an internships through our website. We list gap year work experience and internships in exciting cities around the world where you can expand your knowledge and skills on a professional internship program. You'll intern with reputable organisations and companies. Gap year internships overseas can be an amazing way to gain experience and get to live in in a new country. You'll experience different cultures, meet new people, make new friends, build your CV / resume and enjoy a worthwhile constructive experience.

There are a wide selection of internships you can apply for, you could apply for professional experience in the media / tv industry, in PR, advertising, business and more. It might also be rewarding if you are helping communities overseas or helping humanitarian projects, this is great if you are looking to do something more than just sit on a beach. By applying for a gap year internship on our website you will be able to demonstrate you have shown commitment and motivation to future employers.



Top 10 Countries to Apply to Intern Abroad



Best Cities to the World to Intern

Considering applying for an internship overseas? There are many things you need to consider and deciding where to go can be one of the most tricky decisions. We have put together a guide to featuring some of the most popular cities to apply, hopefully this might narror down your list.

Please note if you have a specific area of work you are looking to gain experience in this might make your decision for you. Also there are options all around the world, not just the cities listed above.



Work Experience Internships Abroad

How to Apply

Thousands of people participate on internship programs abroad every year and you can apply through our website today. Search our internships, contact us for advice or you might also like to view our jobs abroad.


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