Austria Gap Year

If you love the the great outdoors, Austria is one of the best places to visit no matter what the season. There are options for your gap year during winter, summer and all year round where you will get to experience the highlights of this extremely friendly country.


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What to Do on a Gap Year in Austria

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When you say to people you are going to Austria, sometimes they immediately ask ‘why are you going there?’ as they think there’s nothing to do. But they’re wrong.

There is so much to do in Austria all year ‘round! In winter, you can go skiing - people come from all over the world to ski the Austrian Alps. And in the summer there is the option to go hiking, cycling, and also sightseeing.

Austria is an amazing destination for people of all interests, which in turn makes it one of our most underrated choices. You can find the best gap year programs on our directory.

During winter, most people go skiing or snowboarding, but some go snowshoeing and sightseeing. So even if you don’t like the cold and snow, there’s still something for you in the winter there.

Winter is as magical as you think, yes it gets cold and at times, but it is so worth it when you look around and all you see are the majestic mountains and snow-covered forests. It truly is amazing. The apres ski is fantastic too, there’s a great atmosphere and you’ll have the time of your life in the winter. 

Summer in Austria is very underrated. Whether you want to spend a summer holiday in Austria, or stay for longer, you will really love the experience. Granted, there isn’t as much to do in the summer and the apres ski scene is nowhere to be found, but it’s still just as good during the summer.

One of the best activities is going hiking, and getting to see the beauty of the mountains in a different way to what you’d see them in the winter. No snow, just lush green grass and trees. The smell of pine whilst walking in the forests will be my one of your favourite things.

And at the end of summer, the cows come down from the high pastures in the mountains, called the Almabtrieb. It is an annual event in the alpine regions of Europe and has now become a major tourist attraction as a public festival.


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