What is La Tomatina

La Tomatina is an amazing festival which takes places on the last Wednesday of August every year.

Thousands of people from around the world descend on Buñol, a small town located around 38km from Valencia in Eastern Spain to join what is known as the 'World's Largest Food Fight'. More than one hundred tons of tomatoes are thrown in the streets - things get messy!

The event has been running since around 1945 and is definately one of the best festivals you have to experience one in your life. It is all lighthearted fun and will be like nothing you have done before!


La Tomatina Date

  • Wednesday, 26 August


What to Expect

  • Most people either stay in Bunol, or arrive early in the morning.
  • Usually around 10/11am trucks pilled full of tomatoes arrive into Plaza del Pueblo located in Bunol town centre.
  • There isn't an official start time, it happens when water cannons are fired then everyone is free to start the chaos.
  • After around one hour has passed the tomato fight ends and no more tomatoes can be thrown. 
  • The clean up process starts and fire trucks are used to water the streets.
  • Most participants head to the Bunol River to get clean or if you are lucky local residents will help hose you down.
  • The atmosphere is fantastic and most people tend to stick around for the day.



Prior to 2013 up to 50,000 people used to arrive and take part in La Tomatina but since 2013 the event has been ticketed. Only 20,000 tickets are now available so you will need to book in advance to secure a place.


How to Get There


The easiest way to get to La Tomatina is by flying to Valencia. Airlines which fly direct to Valencia from the United Kingdom include:

  • British Airways, easyJet and Ryanair. 

Other airlines offering flights to Valencia from international destinations include:

  • Air Europa, Air France, Alitalia, Blue Air, Czech Airlines, eurowings, Iberia, KLM, Lufthansa, Smart Wings, SWISS, TAP Air Portugal, TAROM and Vueling.

To get the best deals you will need to book in advance (remember 20,000 arrive around the same time so prices can go high). We recommend searching flights on Skyscanner which is the best flight comparison website.

Some tour companies offer transport and day trips from other locations in Spain including Barcelona, Madrid and San Sebastian.



The town of Buñol only has a 9,000 population and so accommodation is very limited. Most people travelling independently or with a travel company stay in the neaby beautiful city of Valencia which is only around 30 minutes away by transport (car, bus, train).

If you book with a travel company they will provide accommodation - either hotels, hostels or camping. If you are looking to book accommodation independently, use Hostelbookers or Booking.com to search for budget accommodation and book well in advance to get the best prices.


Why Book With a Travel Company

Local and international travel operators offer festival tours to experience La Tomatina. Benefits include:

  • Modern air-conditioned coach transfer to and from Buñol
  • Selected meals and accommodation are included
  • Modern air-conditioned coach with free Wi-Fi is used to transport you around
  • Optional guided tours are available
  • Some companies offer live music events and extra parties
  • The chance to meet other travellers from all over the world



On our directory you can search cheap La Tomatina festival packages from the best travel companies. The cheapest way to experience La Tomatina is by camping as due to the popularity of the event package prices for tickets and hotels can be more expensive. Expect to pay around 100 euros for camping, 150 for hostel accommodation and around 250-400 euros for hotels.


Top Rated Companies & Discounts

Stoke Travel

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Enter code ONEWORLD365 when booking on the Stoke Travel website to get free unlimited beer and sangria and a discount of €10 per day!


Top Tips for Attending La Tomatina

  • Don't take any clothes which you don't want to get ruined or want to wear again as it can be difficult to clean them afterwards
  • Wear trainers as flip flops and non-closed shoes can easily get lost 
  • If you wear glasses, definately take a pair of goggles
  • Take a spare set of clothing if you plan to stay the day and want to be fresh
  • Make sure your phone or camera is waterproof!
  • Book a package tour or accommodation well in advance
  • Try to every every minute - this experience is wild!

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