With local and international volunteers, project partners, local communities, funders, and 50,000 previous volunteers, Raleigh International formed a global community who were passionate about working together to build a sustainable future.

Find the courage. Open to discovery. Never give up. Act with integrity. Create impact together. What do these all have in common? These are not just values on a website. They are values lived and breathed by previous volunteers, project partners, community members and supporters. They defined our unique way of working and helped us to create a global community working to build a sustainable future.

Raleigh International used to offer two different programmes and a variety of roles. To ensure safe and impactful delivery of programmes, Raleigh International also needed volunteer managers and leaders to lead and support programmes. They used to have a variety of roles available depending on age and experience.

In May 2022 Raleigh International stopped operating. For similar opportunities browse our voluntering abroad directory.