What is the Climate Activism program?

This is a 6-month program that provides a total immersion in the many aspects of climate sustainability and change the the community level, where most good solutions exist.


You will learn about a global framework for positive climate sustainability, and the many technical solutions which are still possible. You will work with mission driven leaders from all around the work, and in St Vincent communities who are the demonstration sites for people solutions. Your experience will be transformative.


What kind of planet do we leave behind for our next generations? 

What kind of generations do we leave behind for our planet?

Would you like to become an active part of finding solutions!!???


To begin to answer these big questions, The Richmond Vale Academy offers training programs that combine technical and cross-cultural training in the Caribbean with real-time project implementation experience.  Participants will learn how communities can manage and adapt to the challenges of climate change, and how to play an active role in addressing these challenges. 

In the process, you will grow your understanding of new cultures, work as a team with colleagues from all over the world, and learn how you can become an active part of creating solutions for the future.  Many graduates begin new career directions from this experience, and all of them come away transformed by the program.