Each student must convey responsibility, respect, tolerance, perseverance, attitude and positive habits always seeking excellence that guarantees their active participation in our society.

The academic levels of Panamerican School have been established according to the needs of the 21st century; incorporating personnel with training and especially with vision of the future. This determines that the final product: graduates, have a high level of academic preparation in scientific-mathematical, cultural and English language management areas as a vital tool for successful performance.

Panamerican School, is a highly competitive proposal within the educational community. We have Chemistry, Biology, Physics laboratories equipped with the highest technology. In addition, two Computer laboratories, which have more than 60 computers, Art, Music, Library, Football Fields, Roofed Gymnasium, Dining Room and Multipurpose Classroom, two areas of food sales, Nursing and more.


Teaching Staff

It is formed by 85 teachers among professionally prepared men and women, who share our mission and philosophy, applied with vocation and with personal and unique style.

Our teachers attend annual trainings and training in different areas of education to expand their knowledge, perspectives and teaching methodologies.