Veterinary Internships Abroad

Veterinary Internships Abroad

If you have a passion for wildlife or are seeking a career with animals apply to join a veterinary internship program overseas. You can gain hands-on vet experience by joining on of our featured placements worldwide. 


Veterinary Work Experience & Intern Programs Worldwide

Veterinary Placements Abroad

Medical Vetinary Work Experience Abroad

If you need to fulfill a portion of your Extra Mural Study (EMS) requirements, we offer animal care courses and work experience in places. Vetinary work experience abroad can provide you with a unique chance to gain work experience which will look great on your CV or resume.

You could join conservation and vetinary teams who capture of injured wildlife and help take them to medical facilities in game reserves or sanctuaries. Vetinary volunteer program tasks can involve assisting head vets with veterinary procedures, help feeding and rehabilitating animals, help hand-raised animals - a very hands on experience.  

Experienced vets will be able to help you and guide you through daily activities. and you could be helping and treating animals like the elephants, rhinoceros, buffalo, lions and leopards. You will be able to conduct theoretical and practical training focusing on the role of veterinary science in the context of wildlife conservation & utilisation. This means your animal care training will combine the disciplines of veterinary science, wildlife management and conservation field training.



You can find opportunities all around the world.


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