We are a non-profit organization located in Ecuador that is dedicated to the development and implementation of sustainable solutions based on science and technology.

NEO projects have a comprehensive approach taking into account the social, environmental and economic reality of the population and the territory. We accelerate the sustainability of human activities and leave a positive mark on the environment.



Our volunteer program is focused on those people who want to make change, have a positive impact on society and thus help solve the problems facing the planet.

Through volunteering, we generate opportunities for people who wish to be included in one of our eight programs and thus contribute to the construction of a sustainable development model in Ecuador. The different programs and projects of NEO are focused on providing sustainable alternatives and solving problems of an environmental or economic nature in the territories and populations that suffer from some need, both urban and rural.

Volunteering will allow you to obtain new knowledge, grow professionally and as a human being to know the local culture, learn ancestral languages ​​and languages, live the experience of sharing daily activities with communities and professionals from different areas, and the most important thing is to contribute to improving quality of life of people and the conservation of the planet.

Scientific Volunteer
If you like science and want to contribute to research in the different areas of sustainable development you must link to our scientific volunteer projects. You will work with a group of experts looking for solutions to the problems facing the current world and especially Ecuadorian society. The experience and learning obtained will be very useful for your personal growth.

Environmental Volunteer
Caring for the planet must be a job for all of us. Come and be part of the change you want to see in the world by joining the efforts to conserve natural resources, flora and fauna that make Ecuador the most biodiverse country in the world. Help us protect our water sources, our forests and allow all species to live harmoniously with us.

Social Volunteer
Together we can build a more just and equitable world. You can help change the lives of millions of people living in a state of vulnerability. Through our projects in the social area you can help people with limited resources and suffering from different types of social injustices. Get ready to live a unique experience, full of personal growth and solidarity.

Cultural Volunteering
We live in a multiethnic and multicultural country full of ancestral customs and knowledge that make up our identity. By participating as a volunteer you have the opportunity to be part of this culture, live with communities and learn from their wisdom. By working with local populations, we encourage their development and encourage the creation of opportunities and the sustainability of their daily activities.



  • Have finished college
  • Have a vocation for service


What's Included

  • Transportation IN OUT (Airport - lodging)
  • Health insurance - Emergency contact 24/7
  • Lodging
  • Feeding
  • Coordination of daily activities (8 hours - 5 days)
  • Orientation and support during the program
  • Tourist activity



  • Special guide to know the tourist sites in Ecuador.
  • Creation of a network of professional contacts and friends
  • Satisfaction for the work delivered

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