Gap Years, Backpacking & Travelling in Galapagos Islands

Situated over 1000km from mainland Ecuador, the Galápagos Islands is one of the few places left in the world where human activity is kept to a minimum and we have some fantastic holidays where you can explore specular locations or be more than just a tourist. Get inspired to visit the Galapagos today. 


Galapagos Islands Travel Ideas, Gap Year Programs & Experiences

Get inspiration for the best things to do in the Galapagos Islands if you would like to go travelling, backpacking or take a gap year.

Galapagos Islands gap year

How to Get There

The easiest way to arrive is via flight from Ecuador but you can also book a tour/cruise.


Top Reasons to Visit the Galapagos Islands 

Charles Darwin visited the islands and got more than he bargained for, he came in search of volcanoes, but it was the unique Galapagos wildlife that left a more lasting impression. He famously fed giant tortoises, and his time here inspired his theories. 

We highly recommend visiting the Galapagos if you are looking for a unique destination and would like to go somewhere off the beaten track. This is a place where you can see limit human activity and also lots of exotic wildlife. There is also the option to do more than being just a tourist, you could actually live and work in the Galapagos.

This really is one of the most beautiful places in the world and you can explore this region of the world on a holiday arranged through our website. If you are planning to travel solo, as a family or in a couple you will be able to get special rates and discounts. This will be a life changing experience and you will get memorable pictures to make all your friends and family jealous.


Weather & Best Time to Visit

  • Warm season is from December to June and the dry season is from July to early December.
  • The temperature varies between 69 ° -84 ° F / 21 ° -30 ° C



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