TEFL Courses in New York

Find TEFL and TESOL courses in New York City. Book a course and get qualified to teach English overseas.


TEFL Courses in New York

Guide to Getting TEFL Certified in New York

New York is one of the most popular cities in the world to study for a TEFL certification with both US and international participants. Our guide should provide you with everything you need to know about schools, courses, costs and booking information.



Requirements to Join a Course

  • You will need to be aged 18+
  • Course are open to people who reside in New York, people who live in the United States and people who live overseas
  • If you are booking a course from outside of the United States you will need to be eligible for a tourist visa 




Location of TEFL Courses in New York

Most TEFL courses are held in Manhattan.



School Facilities

TEFL schools in New York are designed to the highest specifications with modern technology, free WiFi, a comfortable student lounge and friendly staff who will be able to help and provide information at anytime.



What You Will Learn

A TEFL course is designed to give you as much preparation as possible to teach abroad. You will learn in fresh and bright classrooms and lessons usually cover the following topics:

  • Lesson planning and preparation
  • Conducting a needs analysis
  • Establishing learning objectives
  • Language-learning theories
  • Presentation, practice, and use of language
  • Learner/teacher roles
  • Learner styles/group dynamics
  • Classroom management
  • Culture and living overseas
  • Textbooks/resources/testing/media & equipment
  • How to get a job + résumé building
  • Adapting/using appropriate lesson materials
  • Language-learning strategies, including role-play, group, pair, and individual work
  • Assessment of learners' language-learning achievements



Duration of Courses

Most courses are full-time and last around 4 weeks, this really depends on the course provider though.




Usually Monday - Friday, 9am to 6pm with lots of breaks.  





What to Expect

You will learn in small groups and get lots of time to practise with role plays and discussions which will enhance your learning experience. Course have been running for several years and follow a method where you will be able to learn and improve your teaching skills and knowledge. Teachers encourage students to ask questions, work together and practice various teaching methods to improve as courses go on. Some TEFL schools arrange special classes where you can teach new EFL learners who are looking to improve their English skills. 




All TEFL teachers are professional trained with years of experience helping students learn in a structured environment. Teaching practices are always updated and monitored to ensure a high pass completion rate.



Tuition Cost

TEFL Courses in New York cost around $2,500 for a recognised 4 week TEFL course. You will usually need to pay a deposit online in advance and then the full balance on arrival.



How to Register

You can registration your interest and book a course via our website today.




You can choose from:

  • A family homestay
  • Shared residence
  • Private appartment
  • During summer you can stay in a university residence





What to Do in Your Spare Time

There are so many thing in this amazing city to keep you busy in your spare time!



Prospects After Completing a Course

TEFL training schools provide lifetime job guidance to all students and graduates and will help you secure a TEFL jobs overseas.



Help & Advice

If you have any questions about taking a TEFL course in New York or need any advice please contact us today. You might also like to view our other TEFL courses in the USA.



Recommend TEFL Schools in New York



New York TEFL Course Reviews

If you have ever taken a TEFL course in NYC and would like to review a training school or course please get in touch to tell us about your experience.



Past Student Testimonials

"The TEFL course in took in New York was a awesome learning experience. I didn't know a lot about teaching before booking the course and was worried my lack of knowledge would be a problem. My instructor always let us ask questions and I left the course very satisfied."
- Alecia C, Atlantic City, NJ

"Our teacher was really great and helped guide us through all the key aspects of teaching English. He had so much knowledge in the field and this really helped me pass the course."
- C Jacobson, Buffalo, NY

"This was quite possibly the best decision I made, I thought about taking an online course but I feel I learnt so much more in the classroom structure. It was my first time in New York too, what an incredible experience."
- Lee M, England, UK

"I was very impressed with the TEFL course in New York, I couldn't recommend it highly enough. Without doing this course I now wouldn't be teaching in China!"
- Sarah H, Albany NY



TEFL Certifications New York

What to Do in Your Spare Time

New York, New York, the city that never sleeps. Make the most of taking a TEFL course here and try ticking off your bucket list. Here is our featured writer Helen Winter’s guide to what should be on your New York City bucket list and what you might want to give a miss… 

Statue of Liberty - How could you travel all the way to New York and not see the green lady herself? A gift from the French, a symbolism of the American Dream and a truly wonderful sight. Take the subway to Battery park, it may not sound that attractive but it really is a beautiful place. Buy your fancy ticket, a great souvenir, and hop on to the ferry. This alone is great fun, giving you an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline. Although she’s showing her age a bit, being on the island itself, and so close to Ms Liberty is an incredible experience. You have the choice to get off to view Ellis Island as well but, with the midday sun looming over us, an ice cold drink was all we could think about and regrettably we headed back to shore. 

Show on Broadway - See a show on Broadway! It has to be done, and although I was distraught Lion King was sold out, seeing Chicago, albeit for the second time, was still a great night out. Which is made more memorable by the encore of the buzzing night life in Times Square.

Central Park - For a free day out make a visit  to Central Park. And by a DAY out, I mean it! It took us three hours to walk round it! A brilliantly diverse and beautiful place with some great street entertainment. Although we didn’t do it, you have the option to take a guided bike ride around the park and see which parts have had their five minutes of fame in Hollywood. The bridge from Ps. I love you, and the ice rink in Limitless were a few I managed to get giddy about on my own.

Metropolitan Art Museum - This building is huge, incredible and, even better, has air conditioning! I really wanted to have a look around this amazing building, but for $25 we settled for a free walk around the lobby and viewed the art from the postcards in the souvenir shop. 

Times Square - If musicals aren’t your thing, you still won’t find yourself bored in Times Square. The place alone is just incredible. Make the most of the shops, and don’t feel pressured to buy anything either, making this a cheap alternative. Have a look round the incredible Toy’s R Us and fulfill your lifelong dream of going in the Barbie house or walking around Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. The Hershey and Reeses shop is another great American attraction as well, and just across the road is the M&M shop! It really is non-stop. 

Yankees Game - Although going to a Yankees game at the actual Yankees stadium in New York is very high up on my boasting list, it really isn’t worth the money or travel unless you’re really in to your baseball. The novelty of the environment quickly wears off, and by the end of the evening, after most of the crowd had already left as it was clear the Yankee’s were on the winning streak, the most exciting thing going on was eating greasy Chinese out of a box and talking to a woman who had predicted Michael Jackson’s death.

Madame Tussauds - Yes it’s fun to get some photos, but with such a great city on your doorstep, you really should be spending as much time as you can exploring it rather than looking at wax figures. Although I have never been more excited seeing F. Scott Fitzgerald and Johnny Cash in person, sort of, I have been left with a very boring reel of photos and nothing much to say about it.