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Help Our Penyu, HOPE, is a proposed non-profit organization which through community-based volunteer projects and outreach programs will empower the people of Malaysia to act and save the sea turtles of Terengganu for future generations.

Turtle conservation via volunteer projects is a favoured way to protect turtles as running hatcheries are labour and fund intensive. HOPE will work in partnership with the Malaysian Government providing the much needed manpower and funds to protect these special creatures.

HOPE is an initiative of Ecoteer and is on course to start in 2011, with a pilot year in 2010, having the official backing of World renowned turtle conservationist Dr. Nicolas Pilcher. Please search this site to find out more about our sea turtle friends and perhaps we will see you on the beaches of Terengganu protecting these reptiles from the time of the dinosaurs or you can help HOPE by donating to one of our causes.

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