Hedayet Institute for Arabic Studies

Hedayet Institute for Arabic Studeis is an academic institute teaching AFL and related Arabic cultural subjects as well as Islamic Studies.

We have been providing courses since 1995. Egypt is the center of the Arab world and the heart of the Middle East. You will have it all.

Language instruction is in the form of total immersion because basic weekly cultural activities are embeded in the curriculum that enhances language learning and understanding of the culture at the same time. Students can study Modern Standard Arabic & Egyptian Colloquial Arabic in the latest methods of language teaching as well as weekly cultural activities that enhances language internalisation.

Total Immersion Programs of MSA & ECA for 15 to 20 hours per week + Travels weekly cultural activities that may or may not be accompanied witha part time internship.

Educational Touristic programs that include only touring around the major attractions in Egypt: desert, Coasts, agricultural rural areas & in cities while learning crash course of Arabic

Teachers to be training on the latest methods of teaching Arabic as a foreign language while having organized total immersion afternoons where they meet professionals and specialits on different topics of the Arab culture.

Yalla 'arabi is a sepcial programs to teach children from 6 to 13 Arabic through travels and cultural activities esp. in summer and  spring vacation.

Non-intensive content-based courses taught by specialists in area interests: Egyptology, Islamic Studies, Arabic literature, media studies of the Arab world, islamic Arts & architecture etc. that a student fills an application for on line and are to be arranged before the program starts at least by one month in Fall, Speing & Summer.

Duration / Dates

Since Total Immersion programs can be from 2 weeks to one semester; i.e., 14 wks or a full academic year (two 14 wk semesters), the usual start date is around mid June for summer, mid Jan. for winter and mid March for Spring semester of every year. This is except for the Christmas yearly 2 wk term offer where the Nile Cruise is included to Aswan-Luxor. Interested students may inquire about details by writing to : info@hedayetinstitute.com

Costs / Pay

One week of 20 hours of language stuies and cultural activities costs $ 215 USD or the equivalent in Euroes or Pounds Strlings.

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