Global Medical Projects

We offer a wide range of projects, medicine, physiotherapy and dentistry placements for those looking to gain that all important work experience as well as nursing and HIV projects for those who want to help.

Our Medical Projects

  • Paramedic / Emergency Medicine Placements
  • Physiotherapy Placements
  • Nursing Placements
  • Radiography Placements
  • Medical Electives
  • Pre-University Medical Placements
  • Dentistry Placements

Our Destinations

  • Mexico
  • Tanzania
  • Ghana
  • India
  • Cambodia

About Us

Taking time out overseas is often a daunting prospect, particularly if you have little or no experience travelling in lesser economically developed countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Your safety and support is our prime concern so we employ local staff in all our destinations to ensure your programme runs smoothly. They are on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the unlikely event of any emergency and are available during office hours if you need any help or advice.

Arriving in a new country for the first time can be quite scary so our overseas team will be there to meet you with a big sign and even bigger welcome!

We think that it’s important to give you a thorough introduction to your new home for the next few months therefore, our staff will sit you down and give you an induction covering basic customs to where to change money.

Our overseas team are not just there to meet you at the airport. They’re also not there to molly coddle you either. Our overseas team is on hand during office hours to do anything they can to help you get the most out of your experience. You will also be given out of office contact details to be used in the event of emergencies, so please rest assured that in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong, our overseas team will be there to help in whatever way they can.

We do ask you to keep in mind that this is not a holiday and our staff aren’t holiday reps. We encourage you to speak to them if you have any problems or you’re not comfortable and they will do their absolute best to help.

However, sometimes they just can’t help. You will be living in countries that are different and that’s part of the experience. Sometimes, it’s impossible to do anything about the food, the local cultures or the weather.

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Global Medical Projects Reviews


A company to AVOID.

Unfortunately a large group of us left reviews on this companies page, but as they were all negative they have decided to disable reviews. - very untrust worthy; Therefore, It seems appropriate to leave a review like this so as many as possible can try and avoid what we occurred.

Overall a very poor experience, so many promises were 'sold' to us pre departure that just did not come to fruition.
A few factors to consider before booking; you may be ignored by the staff during the entire trip and your elective may be so over booked very little clinical experience will be gained, coupled with the staff being blatantly rude and many other factors.
Lots of other companies offer alternatives at a fraction of the price, not the premium of nearly £1000 we paid.

Issues were raised in the first week - nothing changed in the second, also nothing has been done to rectify the situation post elective.
If you're considering this company for a medical or dental elective - DO NoT

By: Alister
Nationality: British
Age: 22

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