Transfer credits to universities and colleges are obtained upon complation of the program. Host family stay and full board. Walking distance fron the dental public clinics.

Dental Program (Public Atlantida Hospital) Program Director Dr. Evans. "The Dental program is designed for those volunteers who wish to participate and / or cooperate in the hospital , the dental department always needs help of volunteers in certain areas. Sometimes we do business outside the clinic and visited other facilities such as childcare and promote the importance of dental cleaning to assist them in doing simple daily tasks.

Participation in the dental area requires that the volunteer is involved in matter or be part of a study area of dentistry So we recommend that volunteers bring their licenses and medical certificates which make a declaration that study or working on this area. Any donation to this project is welcome.


Some activities are:

  • Assistance dentists at the public hospital.
  • Preparation of medical supplies.
  • Sterilization of them.
  • Maintenance and cleaning.
  • Management of operational needs of the dental medicine.
  • Workshops of dental hygiene at orphanages and Day Care.

This includes:

  • Homestay with a local family, 7 days a week. Private room and bathroom.
  • Three meals per day included. Nice neighborhood and 15 minutes walk from School and Center City.
  • Volunteering Program coordination and placement.
  • Free internet access at school
  • Grammar book and reading materials (for those who take spanish lessons).
  • Airport or bus transfer.
  • Diploma and Letter of Participation issued by the Hospital or organization you Volunteer with.



While most state licensing boards accept medical Spanish language courses toward continuing education requirements, we recommend that applicants check with their state board for specific requirements. Centro Internacional de Idiomas can assist you with the registration process. Also in order to participate in this program student must have at least the High Beginner Level of the Spanish language.