GP Volunteer Work Overseas

GP Volunteer Work Overseas

Its widely known that medical and nursing schools like to see that an applicant has demonstrated their desire to study for a degree in healthcare by undertaking some sort of medical or nursing work experience to support their applications. The trouble is for many securing this necessary medicine related experience is harder than it sounds.

There’s two main reasons for this, firstly the first thing that comes to mind is securing volunteer experience within a hospital environment or within a GP surgery. Most applicants have the same idea and will be e-mailing and phoning hospitals trying to gain some volunteer experience and there’s only a small amount of placements available at each Hospital or GP practice.

Secondly there’s real issues of needing to preserve confidentiality within these environments. Doctors and nurses have a duty of care to their patients and an oath to uphold regarding confidentiality of the often-sensitive information they are privy to. Many GP practices and Hospitals have reservations about allowing an unqualified student be witness to such information. So on the one hand your chosen medical or nursing school demands experience and on the other Hospitals and GP’s are somewhat unwilling and unable to provide it.

Universities know this however so there are alternatives, working within a caring environment or volunteering your time in a productive way goes a long way. So you can also look for experience within care homes, charity shops and volunteering in your local community. Its not really medically related volunteering but it does go a long way to showing your commitment. For many students looking to go to medical school, volunteering in a care home doesn’t go far enough in terms of giving them the clinical experience that they crave.

This is where companies we have listed on our website come in by providing students with placements abroad working in hospitals where you can volunteer to get experience which is amazing if you desire to become a doctor. 

If you would like to build your experience search our medical work experience placements abroad.


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