Girls United Football Association

Girls United is a non-profit organisation that establishes football academies for girls in low-income areas. 

Our aim is to give girls the opportunity to engage in sport where they do not have it and use football as a tool to go beyond the technical and tactical to develop their leadership skills and self-esteem. We recruit volunteers to coach at the academies and provide a unique experience for the volunteers.

At GU we strive to level the playing field both on and off the pitch by establishing football academies for girls that go beyond the technical and tactical aspect of the sport. Our aim is to give girls in low-income areas the opportunity to develop their football skills whilst also working on soft skills such as communication, problem solving and critical thinking. We recruit volunteers to coach at the academies and to facilitate genuine cultural exchanges. 

We seek to promote gender equality, physical health and boost the economy of the community through the establishment of the academy. Equally, we facilitate genuine and profound cultural exchanges between the local community, local coaches and foreign volunteers that can be mutually beneficial to everyone involved. 

The organisation aims to train local coaches and implement the infrastructure in the academy so that it is self-sustainable, before moving to a new location. 

Duration / Dates

6 to 8 weeks (flexible to specific availability)

Costs / Pay

- 6 WEEKS : £780 (£130 per week)
- 7 WEEKS: £910
- 8 WEEKS: £950 (£118 per week)
Included: Food, Accommodation, Transport, coaching course, Spanish course

Not Included: Flights, Personal Travel Insurance, Personal Expenses

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