Galapagos Islands Spanish School

Travel to the Galapagos islands and Learn Spanish in the Galapagos. 

The Galapagos islands Spanish School offer Spanish programs in Galapagos. When you learn Spanish in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz (the base for our Galapagos Spanish school) not only will you have excellent Spanish courses, but you will be able to experience first hand Galapagos wildlife such as the Galapagos tortoises, including the famous Lonesome George Galapagos tortoise. There are also sea lions, and the Galapagos Blue footed Boobie, and many other Galapagos animals.

Taking your Spanish course in Galapagos at our school, means we can also provide you with Galapagos information, including how to travel to Galapagos, which Galapogos islands to visit, Galapagos cruises, Galapagos last minute deals, Galapagos island travel and how to visit the Galapagos islands independently. We can become your Galapagos guide.

You can combine your Spanish program in Galapagos with diving Galapagos, or volunteering in the Galápagos islands.

The Gallapagos is an amazing destination, and world famous as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Your Galapagos Spanish experience will be one you remember for life!


Our Spanish School

Our Galapagos Islands Spanish School is the most recognized and popular Spanish school in the Galapagos islands. It has a long history of excellence. When coming to the wildlife Mecca of Galapagos, study Spanish with the Galapagos Islands Spanish School, and experience these amazing islands.



The Galapagos Islands Spanish School is centrally located in Puerto Ayora, the main town of Santa Cruz Island, and the Galapagos islands. Restaurants, Internet cafes, bars and main harbor are only a seconds away. Puerto Ayora is also the best place to be based, to be able to explore both Santa Cruz, and also the other Galapagos islands.

Puerto Ayora is still basically a small fishing village, yet it also has the faculties to be able to enjoy life. It has a relaxed atmosphere and is surrounded by a stunning bay where you will see many boats anchored. We arrange accommodation for you on one of the first class Hotels. This way you can truly enjoy your experience.

After class each day we will help you explore a new part of Santa Cruz Island. You may be swimming with the sea lions, or sunbathing at one of the numerous beaches. There are caves to visit and of course the famous Darwin Center. You can hike one of the volcanoes and have Giant Tortoise encounters. There is also mountain biking, learning salsa, and even exploring the art galleries. Above all there is wildlife everywhere to intrigue and amaze you. In the evening you can relax and chat about your days experiences over cocktails or coffee at one of the many street cafes.

Many students which to take extra excursions, especially to outer islands. We can help you organize these trips through reputable agencies. There are several incredible day trip options to other islands and during the weekends it is possible to stay overnight on some of these. After class, and on weekends, you will be able to make the most of your Galapagos experiences!

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