The 5-month journey includes intensive daily trainings taught by world class instructors, a variety of outdoor adventures and in-depth look at Israel through its language, culture and history. Ages 18 to 25 and all skill levels are welcome. Martial arts scholarships are available!

Budokan is the only Israel program of its kind! Participants experience:

·Daily training sessions in Karate, Judo and Krav Maga from Martial Arts masters.

·Regular fitness instruction includes beach trainings, guided gym workouts and sessions with guest trainers.

·Intensive Hebrew language(ulpan) classes.

·History course on Jewish and Israeli Heroes.

·Special lectures from major figures in Israeli political, military and academic life.

·Tours to many of Israel’s most interesting historical and nature sites.

·Special fitness-focused trips including Desert Survival Skills week, Sar-El, and hikes on Israel's beautiful natural trails.

·A fun group of international friends to support you through our life-changing 5-month adventure!

Connect, Build, Grow

Budokan is all about connecting – with your own Jewish identity, with other young Jewish men and women from around the world, with the inspiring story of Jewish survival and with the modern miracle of Israel.

Budokan is about building strong minds, bodies and spirit through world-class martial arts training. Our program will improve your fitness, sharpen personal skills, and boost self-confidence – equipping you to take on any challenge in life.

Budokan is about growing – as a person, as a Jew, and as a leader. By building the inner fortitude to defend yourself and your ideas, you will be inspired to become active and take on a leadership role in your home community.
What is Budokan?

Budokan is a training center where you study Budo...

Budo is a Japanese term describing various traditional martial arts. It is a composite word; the first character, “Bu” refers to “Martial Art”. The second, “Do”, refers to a path or way.

Budo is a modern term that expresses the evolution of the ancient martial arts of Japan to a personalized and civilian application, with emphasis on ethical, spiritual, and individual development.

Budo: "The way of the warrior"

Although different budo disciplines may vary in physical technique, they all share the general concept that training enhances the connection between the mind, body and spirit. The mind develops concentration, focus and self-discipline. The body becomes fit while one learns to defend oneself. The spiritual training offers emotional stability and a way to live in harmony and balance with the world.

The study of Budo builds self confidence, enhances fitness, equips you for emergency situations and is an asset that improves your daily life.