Beautiful World Gang

We are social organization providing educational camps and teaching to primary students in Thailand. We receive volunteers from students in university to international participants keen to give back.

We are a foundation who organize an extracurricular activities. Our visions are reducing educational inequality. Promoting the development of potential learners and volunteers. 

The Beautiful World Gang has set up a "Sleeping Bag Teacher Project"  to improve the quality of Thai children's education in the countryside and help reduce the gap in equality by improving access to learning resources.

We also promote modern teaching and learning processes for elementary school children from activities that allow students and the general public to design a teaching plan. The subjects are Mathematics, Science, English etc.



  • 2 Months in Summer Camp (June- July Every year)
  • 6-7 days in Winter Camp (2-7 th December)



  • To create and practice listening skills, which is fundamental to basic communication
  • Learn to speak in the future
  • To adjust your child's attitude or perspective to English. Give children a taste and love
  • Understand that it can be practiced
  • To train the thinking process. Through self-reflection through art
  • Self motivation Self-understanding and self-direction
  • To bring together people who are committed to the development of Thai children's education
  • Improve self development


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Free to participate.

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