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For more than 50 years, BCA Study Abroad has been committed to helping students understand the complexities of the contemporary world by providing quality academic programs and cross-cultural learning in locations around the globe.

From its start, BCA focused its mission on bridging academic learning and connecting it directly to experiences with local people and the issues that impact their lives. As a result, BCA students actively participate in their own learning and develop critical skills that empower them to be engaged and informed global citizens.

  • Direct enrollment into universities around the world
  • Experiential learning that instills knowledge, critical analysis and tools for leading social change
  • Locations that provide learning and interaction with local communities
  • Unique excursions related to local social and environmental justice issues
  • Language immersion
  • Support and expertise of on-site staff
  • Focus on peace and social justice and the connections between global issues and their local components

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