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Founded in 1998, the AYC Intercultural Programs Thailand (AYC Thailand) is one of Thailand's largest, most established and most respected cross-cultural exchange organizations.

Working with global partners in 15 countries, we organize cultural exchange programs together with other English programs for the last 10 years. Our programs include college study abroad, work travel, au pair placement, camp counselors and staff, gifted education, high school study/travel and insurance services. Since 1998, more than three hundred thousand students and teachers have participated in AYC programs both domestic and worldwide.

For the past 10 years, we have been committed to cross-cultural exchange. Under the direction of Co-founder, Deputy Prime Minister Dr.Visanu Kruengam, Senator Samran Amsamang and Asst.Senator Sirodom Amsamang. AYC continues to operate its family of services, today, plans to expand a social enterprise. The group, a privately owned Thailand based company with wholly owned subsidiaries, reaches its annual revenues in excess of 300 million THB.

As a future for-profit organization, AYC maintains a double bottom line: financial results and social outcomes. This structure insures that we have the resources to find new and innovative ways to pursue our core mission.


Teach in Thailand with AYC

AYC organize cultural exchange programs, English programs, summer camps, study abroad programs and work and travel for over 10 years. AYC Intercultural Programs, Thailand is looking for enthusiastic and responsible native English teachers, all year round, to teach English in Thailand.

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