Our teachers

The teachers at ASC Languages are some of the most qualified and respected in the profession. Their initial training and a regular internal professional development programme allow them to deal with any situation and to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field. They teach their mother tongue and only this language is used in class. Our group comprises nearly 300 teachers and 70 people who are responsible/in charge of management, education or administration, all in the service of our clients.

We strive to recruit the best teachers by offering them excellent working conditions and pay while giving them the opportunity to develop professionally. The loyalty of our teachers is one of our priorities and enables us to offer our clients continuity in their training.


Our educational approach

It's not about one method; it's about the diversity of needs and ways of learning. Our learner-centred approach respects and values the potential of each individual, focussing on communicative competence in all circumstances. Our advanced technology facilitates and enriches the interaction between learners and teachers and encourages language learning beyond the classroom.

The teachers have a wide range of teaching methods and materials available to them on our online systems. They then create their own teaching material according to the pre-determined learning goals. The materials and activities are varied and priority is given to authentic material.

All these reasons explain why we invest so much time and effort in recruiting teachers. Once part of the team, their professional development is supported by a team of highly qualified and experienced trainers.


A mark of quality

ASC Languages's growth has been steady and sustained. The desire to ensure the satisfaction of our clients lies at the heart of this growth. In order to improve our services, we adhere to the principle of external and independent inspection. ASC Languages was the first school of languages in French-speaking Switzerland to be awarded the Swiss EduQua certificate of quality in 2001 (renewed in 2016). Since then, we have successfully been inspected every year.