Some of its sporting activities include Swimming, Soccer, Volley, Taekwondo, Tennis and also have varoius life skills programs in a Schools where its volunteers address issues such as HIV/AIDS, issues about the environment and any other topical issues in real time.

As the Project is located along the coast of Ghana, precisely Cape Coast the project uses swimming as a problem solving tool to minimise drowning especially among children and the youth. International volunteer swimming instructors normally visit and organise refresher courses for local trainers in that regard to multiply the effect of teaching swimming free of charge to young ones in and around Cape Coast.

ANOPA Project which mean in our local palance Agoro ne Obra Pa which literally translates in english as Playing for a better Life is located in the heart of Cape Coast. Its activities as described above is handled by local and international volunteers from around the world.

The Project is legally registered in Ghana as ANOPA(Agoro Ne Obra Pa) Project and also in Germany as ANOPA e.v  with a Ghana Coordinator and  a German Coordinator.

The Project has a decent accommodation for its international volunteers with a 24/7 full speed internet service,incoming volunteers are picked up from the airport on arrival and departure,all volunteers are given ANOPA sourvenirs upon arrival to feel completely part of the project from the onset.Volunteers have the opportunity to eat freely on weekend at the Project inhouse restaurant and bar,opportunity to travel one time to a selected tourist site after completion of voluneering and also each volunteer receives a sealed letter of recommendation after successful completion among others.

A volunteer will be required to pay a statutory payment of 400 euros or its equivalent a month. Volunteers have the opportunity and the space to introduce their own project/sport/scheme to the project and make them their own-innovation.

Our Volunteers have a fun full experience working with ANOPA Project and the opportunity to contribute positively to the African society.