We are a small company specialising in training for English language teachers and educational materials development. We run short courses for people interested in teaching English overseas. These are one-day courses designed to be an introduction to ELT (English Language Teaching). The Gap-fill course is particularly useful for gap-year students who might find themselves in situations where they are asked to teach English either in a formal setting or on a one-to-one basis, but have no prior knowledge of the profession.
All our trainers are experienced ELT practitioners and have worked in several countries overseas.

The courses are based around six modules. They cover:
1) ELT overview: resources, historical/geographical contexts, jargon busting and exams.
2) Understanding your students as clients: needs, expectations, setting ground-rules, classroom management, exams and fees.
3) How to use commercially published materials.
4) How to plan a lesson or series of lessons.
5) How to carry out assessment, give feedback and monitor progress.
6) How to develop an ELT career: qualifications, professional organisations, resources, reading lists and websites.
By the end of one of our courses you should know what questions you need to be asking and where to go to find the answers both before you travel abroad and while you are there.