IELTS is used by the British and Australian governments for university entry and immigration purposes. It’s also useful for advanced English language students seeking to improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.


Why Study with Language Express?

Guaranteed Results
If you attend at least 90% of classes and complete all homework, but still do not achieve your guaranteed score, you can study for free until you do!

Experienced IELTS Teachers
Ask questions of, and get immediate feedback from, our experienced and friendly teachers. All teachers have been trained by an official IELTS evaluator.

Systematic Program
The course is systematically taught using IELTS textbooks, IELTS grammar books, exam papers and mock IELTS exams.

Focus Your Study
Use your time efficiently and chose which skills you would like to improve most.

Small Classes
Our small class sizes give you more individual attention. Class limits are set at 8 students, so you will have more one-on-one time with teachers.

University Consultation
Our teachers and staff are here to guide you on your way to university. We provide educational seminars to familiarise you with the university entrance process.

Proper Test Preparation
Take practice IELTS exams in their proper format to become comfortable and familiar with IELTS examinations.

Flexible Timetable
Start your IELTS lessons anytime and manage your own schedule.

International Environment
Interact and make friends with students and teachers from around the world.

Practical Feedback
Get useful feedback from our free mock IELTS examinations. Practice speaking with a certified IELTS test evaluator to make sure that you’re ready.